Thursday 11/3/11

Thursday 11/3/11

Ok. I’m in total love with CG. Well, not sure it’s TOTAL love. I love the way my hair has looked all week. It’s been curly and soft and moisturized. I mean. The softness of freshly cowashed hair can’t be beat. As far as my hair’s appearance, I am totally pleased.

But my scalp is another issue. Now, I can’t say it’s really bad as of yet. I did the “finger nail test and did see some grease, which isn’t really bad. Your scalp is supposed to produce oil. So that’s not “bad” especially on day 5. And it’s a little itchy. I’ve read that when first beginning curly girl, your scalp has to adjust to not being stripped with shampoo and you may get itching and oily and just plain nasty for anywhere between a week to a few MONTHS! Then after that, if it’s for you, your hair will be awesome. Well, I don’t plan to give up my suds for life. But I would like to do 4 weeks on, 1 shampoo, then back to 4 weeks on. Maybe I’ll be able to go longer. Or maybe it’ll be shorter. It’s all about listening to your hair, as you would your body. At this point it’s too soon to tell how Rebel will react to this. So far, she seems to like it. But I also know she like SLS shampoo with a high coco betaine mix. But hates SLS free shampoo. Go figure. So I already know I can’t go full CG.

And for those who have the issue with people saying co washing is wrong. Chaz Dean is making a fortune off that very idea. Wen costs $30. I can get a bottle of Aussie for $4.97 for 33oz. And they’re both doing the same thing!! AND I don’t have to use half the bottle per wash! I guess it’s all about marketing. Personally I don’t talk about hair care to the general public. That solves most of the problems right there. šŸ™‚


Jen šŸ˜€


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