Wednesday 11/2/11

Wednesday 11/2/11

Well I had to do a quick co wash this week. I took as much care as I could in the time span of a SHOWER! it came out pretty good given the rush job I had to do. I am really getting good results from cowashing and I’m really surprised. I use to cowash when I had locs and just shampooed when they seemed to need it. Exactly why I stopped once I was loose I don’t know. Well, yeah I do. My thinning hair in the top. I’m still not sure about that. Or if not shampooing was causing it. It’s not getting worse or anything and I believe it’s tension related. My locs were really long and heavy (not abnormally heavy, but just heavier in one big mass than loose hair would be. So it was pulling more and I’d gather after nearly 6 years it made a permanent part in some spots. I’m hoping it will fill back in. If not, as long as it’s not getting WORSE, I can live with it.

Anyway, what I’ve been doing to my hair these days- and I guess this is gonna be my winter regimen- is cowashing weekly. I will be pre treating with the Vo5 Moisture Milks conditioner. If I can manage, I’ll do this over night. I’m a little scared to let it sit over night because it boasts having soy protein or silk protein or SOME sh*t! But I know it claims to have protein, and I’m protein sensitive. I know my hair doesn’t love the Vo5 like it does the Aussie, so there’s a good possibility I won’t be buying more when I run out. Anyway, for this pre treat, I’ll cover it with a plastic cap.

Next is the cowash with my HEART, Aussie Moist conditioner. Pretty simple. Just slather it on. I massage my scalp, but I TRY not to rub much conditioner on my scalp, so I’m pretty much just using water and friction to clean my scalp. You don’t want conditioner gunk building up on your scalp. So after a good massage, detangle with my wide tooth comb, then I rinse it out well.

While my hair is SOAKING wet, I mean DRIPPING wet, before plopping (wrapping your hair in a cotton tee shirt for those not in the know) I apply a generous amount of Aussie as my leave in. A generous amount for my length is about 2 full pumps. One over the back, one over the front. I then squeeze the excess water and conditioner out (similar to the Tightly Curly method) and wrap my hair with the tee. I finish up my shower and routine if I’m not in the shower I just leave it on for about 10 minutes.

If my hair seems too dry when I uncover it, I just either spritz or wet my hands and put a little water on it. Then I seal like CRAZY. Right now, since I’m trying CG I use coconut oil. And I really.. REALLY get it in. I completely coat my hands about 4 times and rub it on focusing on my ends.

After that I style. I still use my regular glycerin based gel. Since I seal well, my hair doesn’t get dried out. And the gel has so many beneficial ingredients- water, glycerin, aloe Vera. Good stuff!- that I wanna keep using it and I don’t see a better product out there. So. 🙂 Sometimes I shingle and comb each section with my wide tooth comb, others I just get it in. Just making sure to get my hair well saturated with it. When I do this, I just part it with my fingers down the middle and across and rake it through each section, making sure to focus on the ends. After that I just shake and arrange if I’m going out, if not I just shake and let it dry.

So that’s how I plan to manage my hair through the winter. It would be nice to twist it up and wear caps and all that crap, but honestly I’m too cheap to buy all those hats and I’m too fu**ing lazy to do all that twisting. I hope my hair is resilient enough to thrive loose. If not, I feel real damn sorry for my poor Rebel. :p


Jen 😀


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