Wednesday 10/26/11- Day FOUR!

Wednesday 10/26/11- Day FOUR!

“Is she INSANE?!!” You may be asking. And “a little” would be my answer. :p But no. Not about this anyway. Today, is as I said day 4 with no extra gel added. I even went a little lighter on my spritz. I did most of my wetting with plain water. The reason, I don’t want the spritz to build up in my hair, so since my hair wasn’t feeling all hard, I figured why not go light on it? Why use it if you don’t need it? If it were scented, then yeah it makes sense to just load it on for the scent, but mine isn’t scented. Well it isn’t SPECIALLY scented anyway.

ANYWAY I do get to rambling. LoL! Today my hair feels a LITTLE bit drier. Not much. And I can still feel the stickiness from the gel still so there is still some in there. There’s a lot less than yesterday. I notice there was less white in it today when I wet it too. Now my hair doesn’t feel “dry” per se. But it is drier than the days before. And the curls are not popping as much today- which is expected I suppose. Well. I still see a lot of definition. But it’s not that fresh “day one” look. Not bad. Just… “worn” I guess would be the word for it. There’s definitely a lot of softness still. And I really do attribute that to the cowash. Honestly Rebel is just “sometimeded”. Then again I change my mind a lot too. :p I’m thinking of calling her Rebel River Song as her whole name. Yes, I’m a Doctor Who fan, and River Song is my favorite character. And she is bad…. ASS!! She don’t play! LoL! Honey, when I need to be bad ass, I put that character in my mind and just run with it! :p And Rebel is nothing to be f’ed with! When she isn’t happy your life is about to get REAL unpleasant! On the flip side, on a good day… She is just spectacular. Head turning spectacular. I can only imagine how she’ll be when she’s all big and HUGEMONGUS! :p Blockin’ folks sun and sh*t. LoL!

Well, anyway. This is day 4. Will I get a day FIVE out of it? Feeling it, I think I’ll have to add a bit of gel tomorrow. I may wet it down real good and oil it up before bed and see what that does. But I don’t want Miss Rebel River Song to get mad. I prefer PLEASANT days!! :p


Jen 😀


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