Thursday 10/27/11- If You Want Healthy Hair…

Thursday 10/27/11- If You Want Healthy Hair…

Don’t come home DRUNK! LoL! I swear. I have the BEST laid plans for my hair. Like yesterday I said I was gonna wet my hair down real good and maybe melt a little coconut oil and slather it on. Cover it with my plastic cap and bonnet. Just pretty as you please.

Chile… None of that sh*t happened. LoL! I came home… After a NICE night cap. I mean. A mixed drink. And I’m fighting a cold that wants to hang in there. DH convinced me take a shot of.. I don’t even know what the hell it was! But he left a GOOOOD long shot for me to drink. You know how they say take honey and lemon and a shot of gin for a cold. So I drank it. Man… Do you know I was toe…. UP!! I mean I was WASTED! Just friggin’.. WRECKED! Ok. I did eat.. And I just threw my bonnet on and went to bed. So.. Yeah. My hair was just plain dry this morning. Oh well. LoL!

Anyway, I didn’t plan on getting 5 days out of it anyway, so nothing really lost I guess. I spritzed, put some water in and applied maybe a dime sized amount of Aussie, sealed with coconut oil and let it sit under the cap while I did my daily routine, then applied maybe 3 fingers of gel. My hair doesn’t look day 1 delicious, but it does look refreshed and honestly that’s good enough. I’m not one of those people who has to have their hair LAMINATED perfectly on their head. A little messy or natural is ok. I mean I ain’t tryna be going around all tore up and sh*t. But it doesn’t have to be totally frizz free and sleek and you know. So I’m alright with how it is. πŸ™‚

And I bought another body wash today. It’s from Softsoap as well. This time I got the Body Butter Mega Moisture Body Hydrating Wash. It is scented “Heavenly Vanilla”. And it says “For long lasting, silky smooth skin. It’s not exfoliating like the last one so I’m guessing it’s just supposed to be moisturizing. My first impression is it smells AWESOME! I can’t really smell that well because of the cold, but from what I CAN smell it smells really good. It’s not as sweet a smell as I would hope for, but it does have a vanilla scent. It kinds smells like that vanilla scented Suave shampoo and conditioner. It looks creamy and it’s nice and thick. I love the little bottles they all come in. And at $2.98 at Walmart for 15 oz the price can’t be beat. If it’s anything like the Strawberry Smoother, I’ll be very happy with it. I haven’t used it yet, but I look forward to it. πŸ™‚

Well that’s it. Take care.

11:11 Watchouttheani!! (Watch out there now.)

Jen πŸ˜€


2 thoughts on “Thursday 10/27/11- If You Want Healthy Hair…

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