Saturday 10/29/11

Saturday 10/29/11

Well another beautiful Saturday afternoon wasted at work. And rumor has it they’ll be working every Saturday until next year. I’ll help out MOST Saturdays, but I can’t promise EVERY Saturday- especially since the department that’s working isn’t MINE! LoL! The extra money is great, but I like to chill on the weekends. Like Sunday DH is supposed to be off and we’ll likely be going shopping and such. So my wash will be a quick one. No delicious deep condition. Maybe I’ll pre poo over night and cowash tomorrow. Hopefully that will help and give me SOME deep conditioning. My hair has been LOVELY this week. So cowashing is definitely the cheese for winter. I’ll shampoo maybe once a month. If I need to. Rebel does like shampoo, so I can’t just eliminate it all together. She actually seems to HATE the sulfate FREE shampoos!! I mean they dry my hair out more than WHITE RAIN!! And you know that sh*t is extra harsh! Nothing gentle about it. Well Rebel likes THAT better than the sulfate free shampoos I’ve tried. So. Yeah. My Rebel is weird.

As for my grease experiment? Well you can’t really solely cowash if you use petroleum. The conditioner can’t break it down, so you have to lather up too often and I’m trying to give Curly Girl a fair chance. Of course my method is a modified CG regimen. I can’t really call it CG then. I guess it the Curly ME method. :p But I will say this.. I put Vaseline on my hair last week. And cowashed and it felt pretty broken down to me. So.. Maybe that’s my next experiment. Grease and cowashing. Hell, I spent 17 years chemically processing my hair. I don’t think a little poorly washed out GREASE is gonna be my undoing! Get real and grow up people. There are more harmful things than Vaseline. More specifically, Dax. Yes, I plan to revisit my Dax Supergro grease. Or as they wanna say “hair food” LoL! If that’s not the bit of ridiculous! :p But I remember loving that product for the smell ALONE! It was also thinner than just straight Vaseline. So I’ll be trying that soon and get a review up. 🙂 In all fairness, I DID notice my hair is softer with coconut oil than it was with straight Vaseline. Could be mental, but I THINK I observed that. We’ll see if Dax shows better results. 🙂

Well I guess that’s all for now. Take care.


Jen 😀


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