Tuesday 10/25/11- Day 3

Tuesday 10/25/11- Day 3

Or 2, however you look at it. I say 3 because I count wash day as day 1. ANYWAY! I did the same thing today, I spritzed with my mix, now today I rubbed a bit of plain water on it. That’s the only different thing I did. I added no extra gel. (Long Aid for first time readers.) My hair was still white as it was yesterday after wetting. And it actually felt a little sticky. AND it seemed like it was clumping together weird. But right now.. It’s soft, still pretty defined, kinda fluffy. It’s doing good! So I guess super saturating is a good idea for my hair. I wonder will I be able to stretch it 4 days?

We’ll see tomorrow!!


Jen 😀

* Happy Birthday Sammie Jackson! (10/25/40- 4/18/86)


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