Monday 10/24/11 – Technically 10/25/11 * HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMMIE JACKSON! (10/25/40-4/18/86)

Monday 10/24/11 – Technically 10/25/11 * HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMMIE JACKSON! (10/25/40-4/18/86)

Ok with all that out of the way. I got off early today so I figured I’d get my post out of the way. Remember yesterday I said I loaded my hair with product because I am perpetually LATE? Well I WAS as usual. Since I took my time shingling gel in, my curls were really defined and SHINY. They were a little smushed when I got up but for the most part they were just as defined as they were before the bonnet and plastic cap. So I decided to try to just spritz and go as the ladies say. And…

WINNING!! My hair was still loaded with Long Aid, so adding more would have been over kill. I was a little apprehensive about doing it like that because my hair gets dry in a SNAP! But honestly there was so much gel in my hair, it looked AND felt like I’d just put it in. My fro was big and poppin’, and I was going to just pull it back anyway for work. What was there really to lose? Well, 11 hours later, it is still moisturized and soft. And the curls are really defined after all these hours. I think it’s doing pretty good. 😀 I mean, I can’t keep my hands out of it! I think this is my BEST hair day.. EVER. Well, loose and natural anyway. I mean it is just.. SOFT!

Could it be the cowash? I did cowash yesterday instead of shampooing. Does Rebel NOW like a little curly girl? I even plopped with a tee, Honeys, I was REAL good this wash day!! LoL! And it paid off. I will NOT be going full curly girl. I have to wash my hair with shampoo. But maybe I don’t have to EVERY week. With the weather getting cooler I need to retain as much moisture as possible. There were several differences actually. I applied leave in (Aussie) to my SOAKING wet hair before plopping- and I used more this time. So that may have made it come out better. In any case I’m having an AWESOME hair day.

Now tomorrow may be another story!! LoL!


Jen 😀


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