Wednesday 10/19/11- Thoughts & Maybe a New Blog!!

Wednesday 10/19/11- Thoughts & Maybe a New Blog!!

Well, not a new blog. Actually I already have the blog up, I just usually post everything here. But, some topics aren’t really “hair related” that I’ve been posting. And I think this should be geared more to AfroCurls and less towards self improvement. So, I’m separating the two. I think the link is If not I’ll edit this later to get ya right if you’re interested in my life journey. 🙂

Now there WILL still be deep talk sometimes- BUT it will be hair issues.

Now on to some hair issues. LoL!

One issue I have is my hair “type” and it’s “look”. I love love heart my tiny frizzy curls. They are tiny and cute and fit me. Which I guess everyone’s hair fits them. It’s THEIR hair! But, it seems most naturals have “nicer” hair than mine in my opinion. Their curls are bigger and their hair looks shinier and silkier than mine. So much so that I’m like, why did she even HAVE a perm? When you have my texture and curl size or tighter plus THICKNESS I can see why before you learned to love your hair you relaxed. Why I relaxed!! It’s hard to comb and when you care about public opinion, it’s not always well received. And you’ll be teased for just leaving it “regular”. Of course I now know no one HAS to process their hair. Your hair is never a mistake. Like the rest of your body Mother Nature grew it. Everything you have goes with YOU! Still. I look at some of these ladies and their curls are so shiny and GORGEOUS. I’m like.. Why did YOU ever feel there was something wrong with your hair? Why did you MOM?!! My mom didn’t want to perm MY bird’s nest! Why would their moms assume their hair was so “bad” it had to be straightened? Seriously? Insane.

But anyway. I mean, of course you always think what you don’t have is better for some reason. It’s just human nature I guess. What’s funny? I can see beauty in any hair. Even hair that most people would dislike. (No. I obviously don’t feel that way. I love Afro hair in all forms. Well.. Not UNCARED for. But then no one’s hair looks good if they don’t take care of it.) I STILL LOVE IT!! But mine? I’m like “Meh? Could be worse.” So damn unconcerned. LoL!

And speaking of Miss Rebel, how is she today, you may ask? She’s fine I guess. She’s in a messy fro right now. Preparing to get puffed. I’ve been spritzing daily and focusing on my ends. I stopped combing through it though as I’m trying to use my puff as a protective style sort of, so I’m back to once a week combing. If it REALLY needs combing, I’ll comb it. Otherwise, just finger styling and root lifting.

Well, that’s all for now I suppose.

11:11 Yep.

Jen 😀


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