Thursday 10/20/11- Curly’s Number 1 Fan!!

Thursday 10/20/11- Curly’s Number 1 Fan!!

That would be ME!! Ok, I’m sure I share that title with many people. But curls always, ALWAYS catch my eye! I just saw this skinny white guy with like JewFro curls!! LOVE IT! Then, there’s this show called “Workaholics” and one of the characters has the biggest, FRIZZIEST curls EVER!! It’s like, just let me TOUCH IT!! LoL! Guess I’m not a curl racist after all. :p

Anyway! I’ve been hearing and reading about a lot of naturals revisiting the old school stuff for hair- mainly GREASE. As in petroleum. Now I know lots of us stopped using grease because it’s been said it causes everything from thinning hair, to CANCER! And I wouldn’t grease my scalp with it- or anything actually. But come on! Old folks have been using grease forever and some of them have AWESOME hair. When I was little my mom used Royal Crown or Blue Magic grease on my hair. She has washed my hair with Ivory DISH DETERGENT! No conditioner. Then took some Crisco, YES the cooking kind!! And straightened my hair with a tight toothed STRAIGHTENING COMB with NO heat control. Just a metal comb heated on the stove to God knows how hot, secured with a lil’ pot of water! I mean OLD SCHOOL! No “heat protectant” or silicone. GANGSTA! And my hair was thick, long, and healthy.

So. In that spirit, I went back to lathering up- actually I started doing that because Rebel likes to be shampooed and my hair is thinning up top, so I’m thinking the conditioner alone is not cleansing my scalp. So now, I use my cheap Vo5 as a prepoo, and mix shampoo and conditioner together in my hand to wash. So it’s not CG, but it works.

And I’m going to try sealing with grease. With my eczema, I always have Vaseline in the house. I tried it today on my dirty hair and other than being greasy as hell my hair feels pretty good. I can’t wait to try it on clean hair. If it works out well, I may be going back to (And this sounds so weird.) grease.

Now, am I telling y’all to go to grease and cones and sulfates? (oh my!) If you like. But I’m not telling you to do it. If you don’t wanna DON’T. I’m saying if things worked in the past, try them now. You may find they STILL work. We all got on the natural kick and are no worse for the wear. But, when Miss Jessie’s can sell y’all grease for $50 I think a $2 jar is worth a try. 🙂

In any case, I’ll let y’all know how it goes.

11:11 TRY it! You just might like it!!

Jen 😀

*HAPPY BIRTHDAY MINNIE!! (10/20/61-11/23/09)


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