I’ve Been… Awaaaaaay!!

  Well not really away, but I’ve been busy and sick all week… I usually blog before work, as DH has to be in earlier than I do so I have a couple of hours to kill. But now I have to come in early three times a week. Then Friday I started coming down with a nasty cold and it just came AAAAALL the way down yesterday. I mean I was BED RIDDEN!! I could not.. I just slept all day. I was on the net on my phone for a minute or two between sleeping. I mean I was.. SICK.. Which sucks because I just started taking vitamins and I guess they must have given the VIRUS extra strength too!! LoL! (Shut up!)  I’m feeling a little better- Well actually from yesterday, MUCH better. But I still feel pretty bad. I hope it’s better by tomorrow because I have a lot of hard work to do Monday AND Tuesday and who knows what the rest of the week will hold. So.. Body.. GET BETTER!!! :p

  Anyway, I was feeling good enough to wash my hair today AND take a few pictures. I also have a nice product review. It’s not a hair product, but we don’t just do our hair, now do we? Ok.. You know last week I was talking about experimenting with petroleum again. I actually tried it and it sealed OK. I think it would work better on clean hair. So I will try it again. But before I do that, I was thinking of trying, one more time.. The Curly Girl Method.  For those who have been living under a rock or just not researching hair care techniques the CG method is washing with a cheap, no silicone conditioner. It’s more of a rinsing regimine. All your products have to be silicone free, petroleum free, sulfate free.. All that good stuff. Now you can modify it in using water soluble cones and sulfate free shampoo. But basically the key is to not use anything that can ‘t be washed away with water. To start you have to use a sulfate shampoo to strip away all the products in your hair. Bump that. I just soaked my head in conditioner, let is sit… Rinsed it out well, added more, rinsed it all out. And my hair felt pretty darn clean. so I added Aussie and detangled, covered with a plastic cap and let it sit for HOURS.. 🙂 Rinsed it out, while dripping wet added a little more Aussie.. Maybe a quarter sized dollop. And wrapped with a Tee shirt. (Called “plopping”) Left it on maybe 10 minutes.


Yall… When I removed that tee… My hair was so soft and shiny even… It felt light and just nice.. It wasn’t real frizzy- which I don’t care about removing frizz, but still.. It just felt so nice. I spritzed to my water mixture (water, aussie, oil.) and  sectioned. (Yes I sectioned. YouTube Divas inspired me to section. LoL!) Applied  coconut oil VERY HEAVILY, then shingled Long Aid in. I mean REEEEEEALLY got it in there and combed it through. After all that shingling I shook my hair out and ended with a nice definition.. (Still frizzy.) Rebel is happy.. She’s WHITE.. But she’s happy.. And I know it will dry clear.


(This fucker dropped some of my damn post!! Now I gotta remember what I posted!!)

  Why so much product? Well, during the week I’m really busy. And I don’t have time to get the product in there. So if it’s already in there, it’s easy to refresh. Just spritz, and add a little product and go. Plus I wear a puff most times.. Really easy and quick. 🙂

I’m going to do my product review in a seperate post.

See ya in a minute!!


Jen 😀


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