Wednesday 10/12/11- Why…

Wednesday 10/12/11- Why…

Do men think we have too many products?!! This is a CONSTANT problem in my life. First, I know what too many products are. I have SEEN too many products. If your cabinet looks line a BSS.. Yeah, you may have a few too many products. But let me tell ya. If you work and are paying your bills- that’s your business if you wanna reward yourself with some products. It’s YOUR money! Not judging. 🙂 But I’m saying if my cabinet looked like that, I’d get DH saying I have too many.

But what do I have? Well, I do have I think 2 bottles of Vo5. This was a staple before I discovered Aussie. I’m using the Vo5 as a pre poo now. The issue with the Vo5 is it just sits on top of my hair. Never absorbs. But I bought it, so I’mma use it. I may or may not repurchase.

I have a bottle of Dove Daily Moisture shampoo. A BIIIIIG bottle that will likely last FOREVER as 2 pumps washes my hair! It’s like a 48oz bottle maybe? I got it like 2 months ago and it’s still full. I have not complained about that product- I LOVE that shampoo!! (He claims I always find something wrong with the products I buy. I’m trying to see WHEN!) So that’s 2.

Aussie Moist conditioner. Love it. Will buy as long as they keep the formula the same. I get the big bottle. I need to buy them 2 at a time. But that’s 3.

Long Aid. I get it in the 32oz jar. Love it. Use it til the jar is just DRY! I have been looking for a glycerin free product to take it’s place in winter, but I may just keep using it and just sealing really well. I’ve used it many winters when I was “processed” and didn’t notice a difference. So.. What’s that? 4? Yeah I’m up to 4.

Let’s see.. I always have coconut oil. Cheap coconut oil. 32oz $6. LouAna. Cooking oil it really is. I’ve been buying that for about the last 2 years or more. A jar lasts about 6 months. Come on. Really? Anyway, that’s 5.

Now, I do have that African Pride lotion. I DON’T like that, so we found one I bought and didn’t like in the end, but I used almost all of it. I got that about 6 months ago. Also I tried flaxseeds to make gel, and I didn’t like that. Together those things costed under $5. Like I said I am SO reluctant to try new hair products. So I don’t have a whole bunch of stuff. Mainly, I know Rebel. And most stuff either don’t work or just do NOTHING up in her. So I don’t want to waste money or time. So I think I’m doing pretty damn good.

And I use all the staple products happily. Wash, condition, seal, style. I only have what works for the most part. But as soon as I mention something I wanna try, he acts like I’m wrong for wanting to try it. I swear, I support him when he wants to spend $300 on some piece of equipment…. But it’s holy hell when I wanna spend $7 on a hair product. $4 even. Sad really. Men are just… UGH!

Ok. Rant over. :p


Jen 😀

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