Saturday 10/15/11- Is it GROWING?!!

Saturday 10/15/11- Is it GROWING?!!

At ALL?!! I was counting up how many months I’ve been loose now, and I realize I’m at 4 months. This will be month 5 on the 21st I think. And sometimes I THINK my hair is growing, nut at the same time I’ve seen big choppers like 6 months after shaving their heads have more hair than I do and I just cut some of my locs off. With LOTS of hair left. So I feel like it’s not growing. But THEN I notice it’s not as flat as it was in the back and it feels fuller- PLUS I can gather it all together in a lil snatch back ponytail now. I could before, but now I can easily do it. So maybe it HAS grown. I think I’m just trying to rush Mother Nature- which never works. She does what she do in her own time.

But then I wonder how will I feel if it NEVER gets long? I mean I don’t care about it hanging much, I had long hair blown’ in the breeze and swinging about for YEARS so I got that out of my system. But I want that big- GREAT BIG OL- hair! That shade providing Afro! That fro that makes you have to sit in the back of the theater, lest you be thought an asshole. That fro that takes up your whole side of the car! You almost have to squish it to get in! I. HEART. BIG. HAIR!! LoL! Can I accept small hair forever? I guess if it doesn’t grow there’s nothing I can DO about it. Be mad as hell. I guess be thankful I don’t have to endure 3 hour detangling sessions. Though I think it’s worth it for such an impressive head of hair. Just be happy I’m not BALD! I guess that’s a positive thought…. I guess. LoL!

But I would be happier with my big hair! :p

But I have to breathe. It only been 4 months. I’m in a no measure til I think the new year “challenge”. I was going for 6 months anyway, so I just jumped in it. I think I said it would be March before I measure. I figured it wouldn’t drive me so crazy if I measure every 6 months. That’s if I don’t forget. Just like I was still thinking I’d just cut my hair! Like 3 months ago when it’s been almost FIVE!

Anyway. I’ll just “set it and forget it” as Ron Poppiel (I just slaughtered that man’s last name!! I’m sorry.) would say. See what it looks like this time NEXT year. See how big my lil Rebel has gotten. 🙂 I can see she’ll be thick as the dickens because she already IS! I mean, in the back my hair is oh my GOD thick! On the top it’s not so much. It’s thinner than it use to be, but I don’t think it ever WAS as thick on top as it is in the back. It wasn’t THIS thin, but it always hung in the front and that’s probably why. The back and ESPECIALLY the crown has always been a problem area. Well, no I won’t say “problem” because that makes it sound like it’s not as it was meant to be. But I’ll say it’s a problem for ME because it won’t do what I may WANT it to do. I’m learning to give that crown more moisture and sealing. It’s just a drier area, and the back is just thick as total hell. It’s just how nature made it. So I guess it’s perfect. 🙂 And let’s not forget I LOVE getting all up in that thickness!! LoL!

Ok. I’m done with the rambling. :p

Jen 😀


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