Monday 10/10/11

Monday 10/10/11

Well I definitely have a well formed opinion of the Loreal Humidity Defying Leave In Cream… NOPE! Also, my hair can’t do without some sort of gel in it. I mean, while it was wet, it was just like everyone says theirs is. Nice and fluffy. Big and boss fro. But when it DRIES. Man.. A hard.. Crunchy… HARD!!! MESS!!!! YES, TWO hards! LoL! My hair looked and FELT awful once it dried. Apparently anti humidity products aren’t for me. My hair loves and NEEDS water in it! I’ll never get frizz control, because though I have a VERY defined curl pattern, my hair is ALL frizz! LoL! I’d look like a wet rat with well defined curls. Even with a Jheri curl, my hair was frizzy- and I LOVED it! I love.. I mean.. Friggin’ HEART!! Big hair. I wish I had that soft fluffy Afro hair.. But I don’t. I have wiry AfroCurls. And I guess that’s ok too πŸ™‚

So I’m rethinking my strategy for winter. I still want to try creamy moisturizers, but maybe I’ll get some Aloe Vera gel to take the place of my Long Aid. Or maybe EcoStyler. Or maybe just keep using Long Aid, but just be sure to seal really well. I don’t know yet. This is my first winter with loose natural hair. Well, at least with me taking care of it.

Anyway, after all that drying out, what of Rebel? That heffa’s fine. I just spritzed her down real good, then put a little Aussie on my ends, like a dime size amount. Covered with a plastic cap while I did my routine, then uncovered in the shower. When I was done stroked on some Long Aid, shook it a little (my headache wouldn’t let me really shake it much.) and she was just fine. . Honey it is raining and SUPER humid today. And she is loving all this delicious humidity. πŸ™‚

I also figured out how to detangle faster. My hair is thick, but it’s not long. So, I just really take time with the front, but that back? I just comb my loose curls at the very back, then I take all my tough stuff back there, gather it together and comb it! All that damn sectioning is just not necessary at this point. We tend to make natural hair harder than it had to be. We listen to everyone but ourselves and our HAIR! If your hair NEEDS to be combed, COMB IT! If it likes the Denman, USE IT! If petroleum works in your hair USE THE HELL OUT OF IT! That’s YOUR head! You know it better than anyone!

Now get out there and do it! :p

11:11 Just DO it!

Jen πŸ˜€

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