Thursday 10/6/11- Look, Ma! No Gel!!!

Thursday 10/6/11- Look, Ma! No Gel!!!

Yes, I am braving it today with no gel in my hair! Not sure how this is gonna play out. I just spritzed with my conditioner/water/coconut oil mix, and sealed with coconut oil and just fluffed. Right now, it looks ok. I have it in a puff, as usual and it feels pretty soft and is still pretty curly. It looks nice. I’m trying to find something for winter, as I see it’s going to be way less humid than in the warmer months. And my Long Aid is basically glycerin in a jar. If I use it it will have to be on WELL sealed hair. The reason for that is the glycerin will suck moisture from you hair if there isn’t enough in the air. If you moisturize and seal well, you’ll minimize that effect. Best to find a product that doesn’t have glycerin, but does moisturize. I think winter will be my time to try some creamy products and a nice gel like Ecostyler. I honestly think it will be a TOTAL disaster, but the stuff is like $2. What’s the harm? Now Kinky Curly is another story. That stuff is HIGH! $16 for 8oz I think. AND you can’t mix it with any thing. You have to just use all her stuff with it or something with no glycerin I think they say is the key. Honestly that KCCC is just too damn bossy and persnickety for me. (Oh YES I DID!) DH has agreed to let me do some hair shopping so I just gotta get my shit together and do it. I hate wasting money. Most products I WANT to try I talk myself out of buying them. I will pop a pill in a minute. Blow ALL your ‘dro!! (Well, not lately. But I DO partake. :p ) But when it comes to clothes, shoes, hair products- I am such a PRUDE! LoL! Go figure.

Anyway, I’ll let you know how my day with no activator goes. Hopefully it’ll be all good. 🙂

11:11 NEVER stop wishing for him!!

Jen 😀


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