That’s right! I’m finally trying a new product. I just got a sample of 3 EverSleek products from Loreal. I got the Intense Smoothing Shampoo, the Intense Smoothing Conditioner, and the  Humidity Defying Leave In Cream. Now of these products I didn’t try the shampoo or the conditioner. 😦 Iknow. I’m sorry.. BUT I did try the Leave In and honestly it’s not bad. I’m not crazy about the smell of it.. It has that drugstore-y smell to it. Smells kinda like a lotion. But my hair is softer than usual.. BUT!! That may be because of the pre poo I did today for the first time. I have like two bottles of Vo5 moisture milks left and I have to find a way to use them up. So I decided to use them as pre poos. basically I just put them in dirty hair and cover for a while then shampoo as usual.



But I didn’t use my gel at all. Just coconut oil and the leave in and my hair is pretty much dry now, and it’s still soft and fluffy. Typically I prefer my hair more on the curly side than this fluffy side, well, no. That’s not exactly true. I LOVE big fluffy hair! But I’ve been wearing it curly since I took down my locs. So I guess I’m a little out of my comfort zone. But I’ve been wearing a puff lately, so fluffy hair is nice in a puff. Or in general.  My friggin’ thought process needs some tweaking. LoL! I love our hair I really do. But my hair is weird. It’s odd. It feels like a wig or a weave.. Or DOLL HAIR! Or something, and not in a GOOD way! But today it is pretty good and soft.  As far as purchasing the Leave In? I don’t think I will. For starter it had a hard time soaking into my hair- kinda like the Vo5 does, so why would I use this when my Aussie soaks in much better. AND it smells great. This stuff is kinda getting to me with it’s smell. LoL! For finer haired curlies it may work wonders, but for me.. It’s just meh. Luckily it was a free little sample packet- which is why I didn’t bother trying the rinse out conditioner, and the shampoo has Sodium Hydroxide in it. Tell me all you want it’s just a preservative, why is it only in “smoothing” products? I’d rather not take the chance, thank you.


I know this post is brief and I will elaborate, but I have so much to do in so little time. But I shall return. 🙂


Jen 😀


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