Monday 10/3/11- Normalcy.

Monday 10/3/11- Normalcy.

We were off Saturday, SOOO.. Wash day was back on track! But NOW.. There is a new development. Ready for it?

Ok.. Y’all know I LOVE wash day.. Well, the washing is great.. The slathering of the conditioner? GREAT! The detangling? Hell… On… EARTH!! OH my GOD! I hate combing my hair!! I mean it’s like sheer.. DREAD!! I LITERALLY said myself. “DAMN I gotta comb this shit!”. Honest word for word! And I got tired before I even STARTED! I’m tired thinking that at some point in the week- probably TOMORROW!!- I gotta comb this shit out AGAIN!! OH MY FRIGGIN’….

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my hair. It is my hair. Unique (Sometimes TOO unique- makes finding products difficult.) to ME. To MY head. And that’s awesome. I love the attention it gets. I love that it’s so thick and coilyly (I know it’s not a word!) curly! But that is what is actually CAUSING the problem! It’s THICK and tightly curled- LOVES to groove on itself! The same thing that made locking a BREEZE is making loose hair a nightmare! It coils on itself- as my mom use to say to other moms when talking about the kids’ hair “Jennifer’s hair ain’t ‘nappy, but it’s so TANGLY!” In my mind there were the same thing. But now I see there is a difference. Nappy is a word I no longer use. But nappy in my mind is uncared for, coily hair. It’s matted and dry just awful. BUT I kind know what she meant, and shut up, cause y’all do too! But tangly is JUST what this shit is. It TANGLES like nobody’s business! LoL!

What to do about it? Well, there’s no much I CAN do. I can keep it in plaits like she did. Or braids.. Or twists. But I like my hair loose! I just came out of LOCS after almost 6 YEARS! The last thing I want is tied up hair again! So, though I MAY go to these styles when the weather gets colder, not now. So I guess I just gotta man- er.. Woman up and deal with it. Because if there is anything I hate more than detangling and combing this shit.. Is BURNING it with corrosive chemicals! That’s just not cool. Not for me anyway. šŸ™‚

Anyway, I think I’ve set myself up for some interesting hair days this week. I washed my hair Saturday, but I put NOTHING in it!! I just rinsed it and covered it (thankfully) with a plastic cap. I sealed and put my gel in yesterday, and added more gel (Long Aid) before bed and covered it up again with the cap and bonnet. So if I take care of it MAYBE it won’t affect it. I HOPE! LoL! Of course y’all will know if it does or doesn’t. šŸ™‚

DH is taking more interest in Rebel. He’s even giving suggestions for types of products. And it actually made SENSE! I was talking about Cantu Leave In and how I wanted to try it, but it may be too high in protein for my hair. He suggested “white folks” leave in. Thinking he was picking I asked why? And he said their hair is so fine and limp that a leave in for “them” would have to be light and not leave a heavy film. My mouth was left hanging open.. LoL! That ACTUALLY made sense. Maybe I’ll try that. šŸ™‚ now you know he had to keep talking right? He ends with “cause stuff for black folk- man black folks fucked up.. All that thick heavy ass shit.” >_<! Oh well.. At least the suggestion was good. :p

Well, that's my time.

11:11 Make it GOOD!

Jen šŸ˜€


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