Friday 10/7/11- How’d It Go???

Friday 10/7/11- How’d It Go???

Ok. That’s pretty much it. And by “it” I mean a day without gel. Rebel was no worse for the experience. My hair didn’t feel particularly dry or anything and my curls were fine and as frizzy as usual. So, maybe that is a good idea for Winter. Just keep it sealed well. AND today I’m covered up!! Well, my hair is anyway. And as soon as I cam get to the store again, I’m going to buy some more bonnets so I can keep it covered. I think all that combing is breaking my hair off- even if it’s NOT I still don’t enjoy it. So I think I’m going to keep it covered up at work and just uncover it on the weekends when I’m going out somewhere.

And just like that I CHANGED MY MIND!! That stuff was giving me a HEADACHE! Ah, oh well. LoL!! I do hate covering my head! But it may as well get ready cause it WILL be covered!! Rebel always wanna be damn SEEN! LoL! Well, she’ll have her way for TODAY! I swear, my hair is like a bad kid!

Another thing, I need to keep plastic caps next to my bed, because I put my bonnet on alone last night and of course it came off. My hair was stuck to my BRAIN when I woke up! TOO dry! A mess!! I had to do some EMERGENCY treatment to it. Soaking it down, spritzing heavily, and Long Aid, I covered it while I did my “morning” routine. Then let the shower mist it uncovered. That brought it back to normal, but geez! A lot of unnecessary work when I could have just BAGGIED!! LoL!

Well I guess that’s all for now. I must be off to slaving- I mean work… Nah, I mean slaving. :p

11:11 Shake things up with it!

Jen 😀


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