Wednesday 9/28/11- Walmart..

Wednesday 9/28/11- Walmart..

YOU SUCK!! At least from a Naturalista point of view. LoL! I spent the better part of an hour cruising the hair section- the WHOLE hair section, and came up with NOTHING!! I got some more headbands and that’s IT!! I was looking for some creamy products for winter moisture- or for moisture in GENERAL, and they have very limited stuff. BUT, they have a MILLION perms!! Even two texturizers! But everything else is just a bunch of mineral oil ladened CRAP. I have got to make a trek to Sally’s soon. And in this area they may be limited too. Not many naturals, as I’ve mentioned on several occasions. In fact I was looking for the Roots of Nature line, and all they have now is the oil and the PERMS! Or rather SoftSheen-Carson. I HAVE a staple oil. I don’t need their oil. LoL! I wanted to try that Feather Whipped Curl Cream. And how bout they don’t even have it anymore?!! Maybe at another Walmart they’ll have it. But this one was the first one I saw it at, and they’ve taken the price sticker down and everything. See? Suckiness!! :p

Now there was a product that was of interest to me. A line called Not Your Mothers. I THINK I’ve heard of them before, but before I try it I’ll have to YouTube it. They have a Kinky something or other in a tube. It was glycerin free or glycerin was way down the list of ingredients. Great for winter hair, but the tube was kind of small and with all this thick ass hair I’d probably have to use half the damn tube to get results. It was only like $4.98 I think for maybe 6oz? I didn’t look at the size, but it wasn’t that big. I’m use to stuff coming in giant ass tubs! I know, TRAGIC! Big 32oz JARS! I know everything can’t be like that and most stuff that IS, is cheap, flaky, and disappointing. Still. But $5 isn’t bad if it’s a good product. It SMELLS good. Like candy or fruit punch or something. I like the smell. I wanted to squeeze sone out to get a textural. But the sales people were already stalking me because I spent so much time there. Next time I’ll squeeze some out. Maybe even slick some on a curl! That is if they haven’t stopped selling THAT too. LoL! Walmart is NOTORIOUS for dropping products. ESPECIALLY products I like!

I’ll give it to them though. I did find a great gloss by Rimmel. It’s called Stay Glossy and claims to last up to 6 hours. I got 2. They were like under $4 each. I got Endless Night, and Non-Stop Glamour. I WANTED NYC in Nude York City. BUT!! This Walmart doesn’t carry that line (typical.) , so I got these and I love them. ALL Walmarts carry Rimmel, so maybe it’s a keeper. The only thing I don’t like about it up front is the smell. The NYC smells like caramel and this smells really cosmetic-y. The smell fades, but it stinks to me when you first put it on. But if it holds up, that won’t be enough for me to stop buying it. I’ll try to get some pictures up so y’all can see.

Ok. This is day 11 hair. And it looks pretty good. My curls actually look BETTER after a good combing. So I guess it’s safe to say Rebel DOES like to be combed out. Who knew? I was telling DH how soft it is and that I actually like it and he was glad his suggestion worked out so well. I’m just glad he doesn’t hate my hair anymore. LoL! I mean I’d stay natural no matter what, but it helps to not have your guy dissing you everyday. 🙂

What’s really neat is I don’t have to comb it every day. Maybe twice a week. If THAT! it’s just a good refresher. Now, no I’m not saying start combing your curls. I still agree that curls should never be combed DRY. AND you should be very delicate when combing them. Never just rip through them like I did the first time! I’m sure I lost an inch of hair that day! But I’m learning. 🙂 I have to be PATIENT with Rebel and not just go to SNATCHING through her like a mad woman. GENTLY!! Old lead hand! LoL!

Well I guess that’s all for today. I had to get here early today because DH had to get in early. That’s how I managed to spend two HOURS in Wally World. I went alone. You know you can’t shop like that with a man with you! LoL!

11:11 Make it SPECTACULAR!

Jen 😀


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