Tuesday 9/27/11- Day 3

Tuesday 9/27/11- Day 3

Post regular wash day that is. This is actually day 10. Since I’ve been wearing my Afro puff it’s not going too bad. I’ve actually picked it out again. It’s not my favorite thing to do. This time I wet it a little, spritzed and applied gel before combing and picking it out. It was a BOSS ass fro for a minute there! LoL! But I’m in puff mode now. I can see that disaster coming a mile away! Nope, I’ll maybe rock a free fro when I’ve had time to tend to my hair properly. I am not ready for that hot mess just yet! LoL!

Hopefully I’ll be off Sunday and can get back to normal. BUT, I think I’ll keep tweaking this whole comb out thing. Honestly, I’ve been rough with my hair the last 2 times doing it. (which is the ONLY two times! LoL!) I’ve been in a hurry and just kinda TORE through it! I know Rebel was screaming- cause a couple of times I was TOO!! LoL! I guess I have to plan it and get up early enough to have 15 minutes to gently section and comb it out. I like the way my hair feels combed out. So soft and fluffy. 🙂 So. I’ll have to wait and see. I found Rebel likes shampoo. I find she loves Aussie Moist. She loves REGULAR Long Aid. Maybe she loves being combed out too. Man, all my shit is weird! LoL! Then again, given who it’s all attached to, that’s not a big surprise. :p

Well, I suppose that’s all for today. More ramblings to occur. :p

11:11 Make it DYNAMIC!!

Jen 😀


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