Sunday 9/25/11- Uncharted Territory.

Sunday 9/25/11- Uncharted Territory.

I actually worked today. Which means I didn’t have a wash day. What is going to happen to Rebel? I get a feeling she is gonna be a hot damn MESS by the end of the week! And guess what? We gotta work THIS Saturday too. Damn.

Of course I can co wash but detangling takes time and I like to deep condition weekly. The comb through I did helped a lot. I got many complements on my hair yesterday. And combing it out was the only difference. So maybe that’s what Rebel needs after a long week. Wonder how long a comb through will last? This is day 2. It feels so THICK though. I mean like CRAZY thick. It makes me HAPPY, but at the same time.. I’m looking at the future and the prospect of 2 HOUR detangling sessions! I’m gonna LOVE the look of that crazy thick fro, but it’s gonna work the dog crap outta me! LoL! Labor of love I guess. πŸ™‚

Right now, I’m in the long wait for DH to get off work. I’m off early (better damn be. Shit, on a SUNDAY!) but DH has who knows HOW long left. Luckily I have my iPod and saved my blogging for the end of the night. (It’s technically Monday morning, but this is Sunday’s post.) So that will eat up some time. Plus I can take a MUCH needed nap. Maybe have a sweet dream or two. πŸ˜‰ But more than likely I’ll just sit here listening to music. And TRY not to think about I have to start a new week tomorrow! Or rather later TODAY! (Oh shit naw, TOMORROW sounds less depressing! LoL!)

Man, I looked at my reflection in the window at work and I look fat.. As.. HELL in my gear! I mean.. Just.. BIG! Not that the gear is very flattering on ANYONE because that’s not what it’s for. But DAMN! I need to lose some damn weight. LoL! I’m not OBSESSED with it or anything. But I may wanna think about it. No real size in mind. Just lose what I lose by cutting out all the snacks and doing my regular activity. One day though I’m going to shape up though. (Yeah, they all say that. LoL!) My ultimate body goal is to just be SOLID! I mean SUPER toned. I don’t mean body builder toned, cause honestly that shit looks NASTY to me- male or female! But I mean just so toned there is no.. ZERO jiggle! Just damn lean. I mean, what will I have lost? It’s not like I have a ghetto booty now. Might as well tone that shit up, right? LoL! But that’s enough about that for the time being. I’ll let y’all know when I’m ready to actually put the plan in motion.

Well, I guess there’s no more to say. But ATTEMPTING to go another week without washing my hair.. I’m sure I will have PLENTY to say the rest of this week! LoL!


Jen πŸ˜€


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