Wednesday- The Heat is ON!

Wednesday- The Heat is ON!

Why is EVERYONE suddenly so interested in me perming or straightening my hair? Well, not everyone. In fact there were only 2 so far. Most people are just really curious about what I plan to do with it. Lock it back up? (Someday maybe, but not soon.) Perm it? (That’s a big hell no, good buddy. I’ve been natural for 6 years why the hell would I go back to something I OBVIOUSLY don’t NEED!) Cut it back off? (Nope. Nothing wrong with choosing to keep your hair short. But that’s not my objective.) More importantly, what is the big deal for real though?

I guess it’s just people not use to nonconformity. 🙂 As I said before I am (far as I’ve seen.) The only loose natural woman out here. But, it’s not like I’m at a loss when they ask their lil’ questions. I know EXACTLY what I’m gonna do with it. I’m going to let it grow as long or BIG as it wants to. I want that big friggin’ 1970’s DISCO ass fro!! The one that looks like a damn WIG! So much so people are tempted to just.. PULL my shit to see if it’s REAL! THAT Afro! And I’m dead…ass….SERIOUS!! LoL!

I’m not sure why people just don’t get me wanting a fro. I mean I seem like the type that would. I’ve always been the “eccentric” in the family. (that’s fancy speak for “crazy”) When I went for locs, no one in the family was shocked. When I said I was gonna take my locs out.. My sister said- actually BOTH my sisters said I should just cut them and sport a TWA. Said it would be cute. Now my mom has become a total permie now and said my hair would be so long and pretty. (YES she DID!) As a matter of fact my buddy here said the same thing when she said I should perm it or straighten it. She said I’d be surprised. I wonder when? When my hair looks limp and dead or when it starts falling out? Cause neither of those would surprise me. I guess she just wants me to blend. And I… SO have no interest in blending. Those days are GONE. I came to terms quite some time ago that I am NOT like anyone else. I don’t look like everyone else.. And I don’t TRY to look like everyone else. I adore my differences. It’s not always easy. But sometimes it is fun. :p

Anyway, I have no interest in a perm. I’m not sure why people can’t comprehend being all that you are. I mean, they don’t have to LIKE it, but respect it. I mean, I say nothing about them with their GREEN hair or bad weaves. I don’t say anything about them with 26″ rims on their CAR. Even when it takes the backing up 3 times to make a turn that I can make effortlessly with my van in one sweep. I don’t say anything about them with their pants hanging so low they have to walk like a duck and hold them up to keep ’em from falling off. Even when it looks really… REALLY stupid. I don’t say anything about them when they have 8 rolls, but wanna wear the TIGHTEST clothes they can FIND. NOTHING! Oh, or when they have NOTHING and try to wear the tightest clothes they can find. I rarely say anything about them being dirty bastards or bitter bitches. So WHY are y’all poo-pooing my FRO?!! DAMN!

Ok. Enough of that. Breathe.. Just BREATHE!! LoL! As I said the ones who keep worrying me about a perm are in the minority. Most people like it or don’t care. And I LOVE it! So.. If you don’t like it.. I don’t know what to tell ya. 🙂

Kick rocks.. 🙂

11:11 🙂

Jen 😀


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