Thursday 9/22/11- New Love.

Thursday 9/22/11- New Love.

My PUFF! It was definitely not love at first sight. When I first went loose, my puff looked funny to me. I have a full face and I was NOT loving the look at ALL!! I don’t know if my hair has grown more or if I just had to give it a second look. But now I love it. Even DH likes it. (I know, right?!) So I think I’ll be wearing this style most of the time.

I think before it was because it was so flat in the back, but now that it’s grown a little, it looks more rounded out. It’s BIGGER!! ALWAYS good! LoL! Now the failure with even the most AWESOME of puffs is people tend to want those edges SNATCHED back. Honestly, I have no idea what the big deal is with slicking the edges so religiously. I just let my edges do what they do. I trim the back off sometimes, but not so they won’t be “nappy”. Just because I have a LOOOONG hair like in the back. AND I’ll only be doing that maybe once more, because when my hair grows more, it won’t stand out so much. I may not even cut it again. Well, since I’m going to be wearing puffs, I may do it again. MAYBE.

ANYWAY!! I am off topic. What I was going to say is the failure is making the puff too tight and destroying your EDGES!! I make sure to not SLIDE the headband back all tight. I actually push my hair back with my hands, and lay the band where I stopped. I’ll even pull my edges loose a little to make SURE they aren’t being SNATCHED back. I don’t gel my edges down. I use my regular Long Aid as a moisturizer and that’s it. And I don’t have to worry much about my hair being too messed up when I take my hair net off. It’s a pretty worry free style. Like a short hair ponytail. 🙂

That’s all. Just talking bout the puff puff. 🙂

Later Curlies.

Jen 😀


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