Tuesday- 9/20/11- Acceptance.

Tuesday- 9/20/11- Acceptance.

Ok. I got an “insult” yesterday from a coworker. A guy (of course) who is always teasing me about straightening my hair. (BOO on him!) Well, yesterday he was in the hall way with this girl, and made the comment “Ooh wee, you look like you got in a fight with a straightening comb!” (Which was dumb within itself because my hair isn’t STRAIGHTENED!) Now I could have just ignored it. Or gave him the usual “Go to hell!” Well. That is not the case. I said the first thing that came to mind. “And YOU look like you got in a fight with a jackass and he kicked you in the FACE!” All I heard was “Ooooh…” from the girl. That is SO not me to fight cruelty with cruelty. I’m not an insult person. But that just came out. And it was funny. :p But I should have more control than that. The guy’s not UGLY, but he IS a jackass.

Anyway. For some reason DH is OBSESSED with me picking my hair out!!! This is about the 10th time he’s suggested I pick my hair out. I think he wants to see my fro as a FRO. And, oh it is coming. I’d like for my hair to be a little longer before I do it though. Anyway, I had to explain WHY I don’t pick it out everyday. BREAKAGE! And I’m trying to grow it out. AND HE GOT IT!!! No argument. No snide insults. Just “Oh ok.” Ladies, my mouth was dragging the FLOOR with disbelief! Also, at the fact he WANTS me to pick my hair into a regular fro, when he hated my tapered “boy” cut. I’d think in his mind that would look like a boy too. I think it’s because he said he use to wear a fro, and his hair was so soft, it would just fall. It wouldn’t hold it’s shape. (He’s like a 3a/3b.) And so began the fro lust. Well, my hair will definitely hold it’s shape! Once it’s out there babe it ain’t goin’ NO WHERE! LoL! I’ll give him so lusted for fro one weekend.

And now the title topic. (Bout time right?) Acceptance. I always talk about accepting your hair. Recently about accepting and embracing your heritage. (If you’re fortunate enough to know exactly what that heritage IS!) All that you are. But that’s NOT all that you are.

Taren916 from YouTube has a series on her channel called “Reveal and Release.” The idea is to come to terms with bad things or just flaws in your life. And I think that is an excellent idea. When accepting thing like hair and ethnicity, you won’t completely transform your life unless you accept EVERYTHING about yourself. What you can’t accept, try to change. If you can’t delete it, it’s a part of who YOU are. Accept it. And move on. And it sounds easy, but when you start digging you may find out you hate certain people because they remind you of what you hate about yourself personified. I’ve discovered this many times. But most of the time I just keep that hatred inside. And hatred robs you of energy. And energy is LIFE. Hatred kills you slowly and does nothing to the person you’re hating. Think about that.

I will be hitting this topic often. Don’t worry this is still a hair blog. But this is PART of my natural journey too. So.. Yeah.

Later Babes.

Jen 😀


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