Monday 9/19/11- Another Day In UNparadise

Monday 9/19/11- Another Day In UNparadise.

Yep it’s back to work. And Rebel decided to behave today. I put enough product in Saturday that I didn’t have to put ANYTHING in it Sunday- I just spritzed and fluffed a bit. Before I went to bed, I spritzed and covered with my plastic cap. Today, I just wet it down real good and honestly I used like a quarter size dollop of gel on the ends and it was good to go. Now by the feel of it I’ll have to use more tomorrow. But for today it’s all good. 🙂

I was watching videos yesterday (as usual. I swear I need a 12 step program! I am so addicted to natural hair.) and found some interesting topics. One was the topic of “shadeism”. That’s liking or disliking people in the same basic ethnicity based on skin tone. There was one video, the one I posted the link to yesterday. Then there was on on YouTube by SumKindaWnderful. She’s black/Mexican/and Chinese mixed. And she was telling her tale. And at first I was like ok, so… But “kinky” dark sistas still have it worse or yada, yada. But then I went to her blog. And I felt bad because maybe she does have it hard. What caught my attention was she said she wasn’t Mexican enough for her Mexican family, and not black enough for the black folks. And I’m like.. Damn. What a tough position to be in. And I related.

Coming up, I was light skinned. With pretty curly hair that my mon kept pressed. It was very long and besides that, I looked like NO ONE. There were no children that looked like me. So, through school people would CONSTANTLY wonder what I was. People STILL wonder that.

I mean there were mixed children and light skinned children. But the were obviously mixed with this or that. There was one girl who “resembled” me a LITTLE. But not exactly. And it always made me feel line there must be something really WRONG with how I look. All my mom has been able to tell me is we are black and Indian mixed. And that’s all good. But then I was like ok, so why my curls so tight? (At that time it was more of why my hair so NAPPY! LoL!) And she never gave a TRIBE! So you know I’m givin’ her a side eye so hard my head was HURTING! You know how many black people down here wanna claim “Indian” to keep from being just BLACK? ESPECIALLY back in the day! But she insists. Maybe it’s time to talk about that in depth. That would give me some closure. It wouldn’t be just a big blank stare when people ask.

Anyway, then you get the black folks that get MAD if you don’t just say “black”. BUT THEY ARE THE ONES WHO ASKED!! By the way I only go into detail-well what details I HAVE- with certain people. The rest I always claim “black”. I’ve only known black people all my life and that’s how we live. So. That answer the surface question. Until I meet another person anyway. 🙂

Now I know all this sounds weird, but when I just so blankly say “black” I always feel like I’m leaving something out. Like that’s not the whole story. BUT WHAT?! See people, this is why you should always keep RECORDS! Make sure your kids can celebrate ALL they are. 🙂 Oh well.

Anyway lately I’ve been coming down kinda hard on the light skinned sistas. Well, not really. But I have been giving some undeserved side eyes. And not just light skinned, but silkier haired sistas. Truth is we’re all breaking ground in this movement. No matter your texture, it’s the fact that YOU are coming to terms with what you are and what you have. And that’s all that matters. THAT’S what this natural hair movement is all about. It’s a start to greater things to come. 🙂

Later Chicas.

Jen 😀


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