Is it Just Me…

  Or is wash day getting to be a PAIN in my butt?!! LoL! And it’s happening FAST! I’m not sure if my hair is growing longer, but it feels like it’s getting THICKER (except in the FRONT where it NEEDS to!) and detangling, though still doesn’t take HOURS (yet).. It’s just tiresome! Then I got to take time to SECTION my hair in the front now to apply my Long Aid to make sure I get enough into my hair to last a week.. And it’s just… I’m  tired… I mean.. This crap is actually… WORK… Not what the lazy diva really wants to hear.. Working for beauty.. Who knew. LoL!


  OK, everyone did. Even I knew at some point this was gonna be challenging. But I thought it would be when my thick tight curls got longer. I just took my locs down 3 MONTHS ago! And already I’m TIRED? WTF?! But of course I’m not gonna go back to relaxers. I’ve been natural for over 6 years now. But loose is a TOTALLY… TOTALLY different animal than locs or relaxed hair. Those two were easy for me. Well, relaxers sucked as a teen because everyone else had this shiny, flowing hair that was very straight.. Mine was always a bit… “off.” My hair was telling me it was not for me.. And I heard it, but once I saw a few months of really tight coils popping up.. And I couldn’t comb it.. I just kept relaxing.. I’d heard I had good hair all my life… What was THAT crap at my roots?! Can’t you comb “good hair”? (You shouldn’t by the way.. Well not dry.) If I’d known that good hair was healthy hair, I’d have gone natural YEARS ago! Well I DID go natural years ago. I mean, I’d have given my loose hair a chance.. Well no.. It was time to loc.. And I did.. And now it’s over and I wouldn’t trade that experience for the world. I don’t think I’d be as confident with my natural curls if I hadn’t gone through the locking process. I learned to love my hair then. And I still do. But it is annoying. LoL!


  Anyway, I signed up for Influenster today. It’s a website that offers free full sized samples of products to test and blog about and review. My blog really lacks product reviews because of my lack of FUNDS!! I just can’t afford all those pricey products. If I can get hooked up with some samples I can give you guys some dang reviews! Shake this blog up for a minute. Something other than Long Aid and Dove Shampoo! So let’s hope this all works out. 🙂


  I was on YouTube and revisited a topic about  the Natural Hair Movement being just for dark skinned, kinky haired girls. Now where as I don’t really “agree” with that. It’s all about being comfortable with yourself and accepting your hair. But that is more difficult for those with the “less” hair. The kinky stuff. So going natural is a bit harder for them. Oh yes it is.. I don’t have so called 3b hair. Those big open ringlets. And where as most people actually like what’s coming out of MY head, I know they’d prefer a looser textured gals hair more. BUT I’m not so socially stupid that I don’t realize an even kinkier textured girl (or GUY) would have it harder if they went natural. I’m a natural hair lover in ALL textures, but the rest of the world is another story. And there are more of them than there are of me. Who you think Sista Gal gonna hear? One or DOZENS?  It is HARD! And add dark skin to the mix and it gets HARDER! These are not my opinions, this is just what I have seen, and heard. I’d love to live in a world where we are all equally beautiful in everyone’s eyes. But we don’t.


  What’s are we to do? Just bicker amongst each other about who’s got it tougher? Well, that’s just plain stupid. But we DO need to just start within. Be the change we want to see. If you see a natural, tell her how beautiful her hair is. And when you go natural, focus more on this is YOUR HAIR. And that MAKES it beautiful. You are a beautiful woman. Accept it. Whether you’re high yella or the darkest mahogany. From straight to the tightest curl to the chunkiest fro! It’s all good.  But until the world changes it’s opinions to mine, I just gotta give my kinky Sistas more support. We just need it more.. When you have everyone saying “Girl you’re so LUCKY” I’m pretty sure it’s much easier than everyone saying “You need to perm that nappy ass shit!” There is no way. LoL! So you see my point.


  Well, that’s all for now. I gotta get some cleaning done. So I’m done for a minute. LoL!


Laters, Chicas


Jen 😀


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