An Interesting Video.

It’s 20 minutes long, but you’ll find your self captivated and probably watch the whole thing.

 I was hoping to just embed the video into the post, but it wouldn’t work. Anyway, it’s a video about Shadeism and the significance of skin colour in this day and age. They touched on many things that I’m sure will hit home for you as they did for me.


    It seems everyone has gone through this issue, not just black people. BUT.. I STILL think, as I said in the post about loose curls and natural hair, darker skin and “kinkier” hair needs more support. The woman who did this video was Indian and yes they do have colour issues as do many Asians.  But they can at least go SOMEWHERE where they are coveted and considered beautiful. For one, right here in America. There has been a real turn around in the reception of Indian and Asian women. They are seen as beautiful- no matter how dark or light they are. They are exotic. The same said for a curly haired white girl. They are seen as sexy and playful. Biracial or clearly multi ethnic women are seen as beautiful princesses. (Hey, these are things I’ve actually heard actual black men say, so don’t look at me like that. Take it up with ya boy.) Honestly, there are very few people who see a dark skinned, natural haired (and I don’t mean slick natural hair. I mean just.. I guess the word I’m looking for is “nappy”.. Eww, I need to wash my mouth out with bleach because that is a very offensive word to me, but it does paint a picture.), as “beautiful”. I definately see the beauty in our women. In all shades. In all sizes and hair textures. But sadly I do not speak for the world. So this is why, though captivating and I feel your struggle, I still think our women need the most support. Is it up to “others” to give it to us? Not really. I mean it would help if en mass everyone just said “HEY.. Black IS beautiful!” But I don’t see that happening, so it’s up to US to uplift each other. It’s up to US to change the world’s view of our people. It is up to US to love ourselves.. And I don’t mean that fake ass love either that depends on if “My man” like it. I mean real love. The love that says “f*ck that dude! if he don’t like ME, let his ass kick rocks!” and be ready to leave his ass standing right where he got wrong at! THAT kind of self love.


  You know some women WANT to go natural.. But won’t because they are afraid a man will not like them if they do. Seriously? A man that wants you wants you with a 28″ straight weave will still want you with a 1″ TWA if he really wants YOU. If he’s your man, it’s all about YOU and what makes you happy. Seeing you happy will be his greatest joy and turn on. Are most of us so lucky? HELL no. Most of us have bastards that look at us like “You gon’ perm that shit, right Bay?” BUT.. If the bastard loves you.. When You say “Hell NO.” he might pout, but when you pull them sheets up at night, he’ll be right there in ’em with you. When you wake up he’ll still be there. And in time, he won’t really care that you don’t have that Beyonce weave anymore. AND when you get that fierce BAA, you know what? He’ll still be there. We need to realize that we need to do for OURSELVES. If you wanna big chop to a TWA, as long as Shawanda has the right to rock a green mohawk, and Iesha has the right to wear a honey blond mid back lenght silky  wig and no body questions it or looks twice I think I have the right to a fro. And if them heffas DON’T have the right anymore.. I’m still rockin’ this fro to the max. No difference. LoL!


 Now, do I think other races are just as beautiful? Of course. There are beautiful people just like there are those you have to look a little bit harder to see the beauty in all races. I think beauty is beauty. It knows no colour or race or shape or hair type. We are all shades of HUMAN. I wish I could go back and time and find the idiot that started this colour war and wipe his ass (And I’m sure it was a “he”) off the MAP! But since I don’t know where H.G. Wells left his time machine, that ain’t happening so we have to focus on the future, and start making changes NOW.


Geez, I can’t just do a damn cute little product review anymore like a normal Naturalista, can I? But some stuff need to be said to get the people moving. In the video when that little girl said she hates her brown skin, I thought about my sisters. Now I don’t think they actually HATE their skin, but we are different shades of beautiful. And I wonder what it would have been like for them if our parents had instilled in them that they were ugly because they were darker. What about my mom’s sisters? Hell, YOUR sisters if you have them. And I was like.. That culture is wacked out. But then I was like.. Dang. We do the same thing… Asians do the same thing.. Even CAUCASIANS do the same thing! So I guess the WORLD is wacked out.

But my focus is on our girls and guys. Sweep around your own front door, right?


Jen 😀


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