Tuesday 9/13/11- Three Months Post Locs.

Tuesday 9/13/11- Three Months Post Locs.

It’s been three months since I took my locs out and things are going pretty well. I still have a LOT to learn. So far I’ve only really used one styler and it works, BUT. Since I’ve been sealing more, it turns white with the oil. It dries- well, activator really doesn’t DRY but you know what I mean- it goes away, but lots of times I “do” my hair last minute. And leaving the house with white shit all over your hair is definitely not a good look. LoL! People are lookin’ like.. “What. The. FRANK is in yo’ HEAD?” :p But all in all it’s a great product. I can’t see a product doing a better job.

But colder weather is on the way and with all the glycerin it may not work as well as it does in the humid summer. But that’s a bridge I’ll have to cross when I get to it. I’m hoping between sealing really well and baggying I can still use my same product.

Ok, now you know this can’t be AfroCurls without some funny comments. Ok. One of my friends thought I was talking about her when I said in a past post that I see more curly weaves and styles lately. I wasn’t, but I see ya Baby Girl! :p But that wasn’t the “cake taker”. My other friend asked me if I ever comb my hair. Teasingly I said I don’t. Obviously I comb my hair, or it would lock again! LoL! I COULD have gone into all the details that it turns into a frizz ball if I comb it and that dry combing breaks your hair off when it’s in it’s natural state. But for some reason I don’t think she was really interested in the “science” of natural hair. Anyway. The response was funny. “You better be glad you got a good grade of hair.” So.. Apparently. It’s ok to not comb “good hair” but if you have “bad hair” you better tear that shit out and burn it I guess.

And what is “good” hair? Or bad hair? What, is bad hair out holdin’ up liquor stores and shit? I don’t think there is such a thing. It’s all about knowing what to do with your hair. I have seen some beautiful Afro hair. And I have seen some jacked UP Caucasian hair. Now I think in the “slave” mentality scheme of things that’s about as “good” as hair gets. (And by slave mentality I mean a slave in ANY sense. Think only silky hair is good because that’s what you see on TV? In magazines? On PERM BOXES?!! Yeah, your a MEDIA slave. I’m so sorry.. 😦


Well, I GUESS that’s all for the day. It’s time to take my uncombed, good hair inside. :p


Jen 😀


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