Thursday 9/15/11- I Like. I Don’t..

Thursday 9/15/11- I Like. I Don’t..

This post is just what the title says. The things I like and don’t like about my hair. Now we know we are supposed to just love EVERYTHING about our natural hair, or so say Natural Militants. And I KNOW because I was a Loc Militant for the first 3 years of my journey. I said some stuff that was just plain ig’nant. I said it! I was the BIGGEST ass I have ever been, but it was out of LOVE! But my own love. And I was trying to express that love and force others to embrace it JUST LIKE ME EXACTLY! But others are not ME. It took the romance of my Locs to wear off to realize just how unfair I was being to others. And how BAD I made myself look to others. That intolerant bitch is NOT who I am. LoL!

Anyway. Moving on. There are very few things I DON’T like about my hair. But there are SOME, and I think it’s more about my mentality not having evolved as far as I’d like it to be.

*I “hate” that I can’t get multi day, spritz and go hair. All these ladies on YouTube are just spritzing and fluffing and shaking. And out the door for like FOUR DAYS STRAIGHT! Man, my hair doesn’t shake unless it’s wet and has gel at LEAST on the ends! I have to baggy JUST to be able to refresh the next day!! Otherwise I’d just have a big PACKED dry mess!

*BUT on the plus side, I don’t have to do twist outs for curl definition, or spend $4.5 BILLION to “make” curls. All I need is my $6 for 32oz Long Aid and my hair is nice and curly all day! Plus I think I AM getting multi day- Sometimes SIX DAY hair! I’m misreading the whole multi day hair thing. I wash once a week. And most of the time my wash n go lasts all week with just a refresh of water and a little gel. So. Plus it takes me 5 minutes to refresh and go! So what the HELL exactly am I complaining about? LoL!

*I “hate” that my hair is thin in the top. After nearly 6 years of being parted in the same spot, it is so THIN in those spots! I mean you can’t see my SCALP unless I put the part there, and why would I? But I KNOW it’s there!

*The rest of my head is PACKED with hair! I love that, because the more it grows, the more AWESOME it looks! I DEFINITELY see big hair in my future! And that is a VERY good thing!! Love me some big, wild hair! πŸ™‚

*I “hate” my hair is “small” right now.

*It’s getting bigger.. And I love that!

So those are a few of my likes and dislikes of Rebel. I know some people wish they had curls or bigger curls, or silkier hair. And yes that hair IS beautiful, but I think I’ll keep what’s mine over lusting after something that’s NOT. It’s counter productive, and unhealthy. STOP it.. K? Just.. Stop it. You are so awesome. And so beautiful.. Everything is uniquely YOU. No one can do you better!

Later, Curly Queens. πŸ™‚

Jen πŸ˜€


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