Monday 9/12/11- Great Expectations

Monday 9/12/11- Great Expectations

I often read about and see on YouTube people who can put gel in their hair get their curls poppin’ and cover their heads with a scarf or bonnet.. Wake up.. Just spritz and pull their hair down and their hair looks pretty much the SAME for DAYS!! Man, if I just tied my hair up or put a bonnet on it, my hair would look like a bird’s nest!! I have tried it.. Now in twists I MAY be able to pull that off. But these lucky ladies can manage this with a wash n go. I tried to style my hair with defined curls last night. I actually slept in a plastic cap and bonnet. When I woke up.. I looked like Fredrick Douglas. It wasn’t DRY because I slept in a plastic cap. But.. It just didn’t look very good. Granted Long Aid has a very soft hold. Still.. I guess I can’t expect to roll out of bed and just fluff and go. LoL!

Which brings me to the point of the title. I think a lot of times we have expectations of our hair. We “want” it to be a certain way. We expect it to do this or that. So.. We struggle. We fight with our hair. We buy product after product and are still not happy with the results. So we fight some more. Buy some more. And just end up MAD! Tempted to relax or lock it up or cover it with a wig. Now, honestly neither of these things are ILLEGAL. I love locs. I HAD locs for those who don’t remember. And a wig can be a quick fix or a protective tool. And hell if you can find a way to keep your hair healthy with a perm, more power to you, Sista. BUT those are not your only options!

The best thing to do, when nothing is working is evaluate WHY it’s not working. The most common thing is trying to make curly hair out of thin air. Followed by trying to make tight curls long and looser. My hair has very tight, frizzy curls. And it shrinks to a TWA when in fact it is well under my chin in the front stretched. 75% shrinkage MINIMUM! And I accept that. With silent dignity. :p Well, not totally. I want BIG HAIR like right NOW! LoL! But, I know wanting it isn’t gonna make it happen over night. So I’m waiting. Far as looser curls, Boo, that’s GENETICS. Can’t be changed without chemicals. And yes, big curls are beautiful, but I don’t have big curls. And that’s fine. 🙂 Tight curls are just as beautiful if you take care of them. 🙂

So now you may be asking.. “Well Miss Hair Zen Master does your hair EVER upset you?”

HELL YES! LoL! I was mad at it Saturday! So much that I didn’t want to deal with it Sunday! BUT I was pissed because I know my hair doesn’t normal look THAT bad! My bad hair days are based on my hair looking different than it does when I like it. And that bad hair WEEK was totally… my… FAULT! That lazy ass Labor day weekend. LoL! Oh well. It’s over now. So YES! It does make me mad at time.

Ok. Now.. Go out there.. And feel the LOVE!

Jen :p


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