Friday 9/16/11- TGIF!

Friday 9/16/11- TGIF!

And HOPEFULLY this is the LAST work day of the week! I do NOT need another day like last Saturday! OH my God! That was just a totally bad hair WEEK! I hope I never go through that again. I was beginning to think poor Rebel was cursed! But it puts a bad hair DAY into perspective. LoL!

But this week was much better. Today is day 6 hair. For day 6, this is pretty good. As I’ve said before, I’ve been getting multi day hair ALL the time! It just doesn’t seem like it to me because when I wake up the curls aren’t defined, so I feel like I’m starting over, BUT I’m not because all I’m doing is refreshing with a little bit of product. Not rewashing. So, I get multi day hair. Like a wash n go is lasting me a whole WEEK. 🙂 I should be happy. And in retrospect, I am pretty happy. 😀

Its funny. When I was relaxed, I didn’t care about which hair day it was. In fact my hair looked BETTER the more days passed. Since I didn’t do elaborate styles, mostly just combed and brushed flat. I never had static or frizz- if I did I didn’t CARE. My hair didn’t hold curls for more than a few hours no matter how much hair spray I used. And if I managed to get curls, they’d just be at a weird angle or something. I just for the most part wore my hair straight. And I’ve gotten day THIRTY hair with that. I’m not proud of that, but it goes to show how much more love we put into our hair once the chemicals are gone, and it’s all our own. I wouldn’t THINK of going that long without at LEAST cowashing now. But relaxed it’s common to go 2 weeks plus with nary a DROP of water touching your head. Now I WAS pretty regular washing my hair most of the time, but I have gone (I must love y’all cause this ‘sposed to stay between me and GOD!) 3 months without washing my hair once. When I was relaxed… Why? I think I heard that washing was supposed to be kept to a minimum and it wasn’t good for “our” hair to was it too much. Some bull shit. I was young. I’m not even sure if I was even doing my own hair yet. If I was I’d just started taking care of it. I think it was just that one time and my head was so itchy. And I know WHY.. IT WAS FILTHY!! LoL!

Well, I guess that’s enough rambling for now.

Later Curly Gals. 🙂

Jen 😀


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