Saturday 9/10/11- SURPRISE!!

Saturday 9/10/11- SURPRISE!!

I have to WORK today! Way to ruin my wash day! BOO! Well anyway, I think I have reached the end of my wash n go. Child my hair looks like SHIT! I mean, I COULD have rinsed it out or something, but I DIDN’T! LoL! I didn’t want it to get stripped tomorrow when I wash it. I GUESS I could have just soaked it in coconut oil tonight and hope that helped. But too late now. SO. My day 7 style is a raggedy ass PUFF! LoL! But, curly naturals know that’s why that headband follows us everywhere we go! For exactly this purpose. The VERY bad hair day! Honey I got my bonnet too incase of a hair Armageddon!

I mean this hair is jacked UP! it’s greasy, undefined. I’m sure packed in ALL the wrong places! Fly-aways in inconvenient areas. I mean, Rebel looks… “Bad”. Not horrible, she’s in there. But she doesn’t look like she normally does. And she DEFINATELY doesn’t feel like normal. I mean Long Aid is always sticky, but not like this. My baby is mad.. Cause she’s DIRTY! LoL!

Don’t cry Rebel. You’ll be nice and clean tomorrow. πŸ™‚ But today, day 7 hair is puff day. πŸ˜‰

I can rock the hell outta this puff. Looking at it again, it’s not too bad. I can live with it. A big plus is I don’t have to keep FLUFFIN’ it up when I take my net off! That’s 2 minutes I can be chillin’ out! So a puff can be beneficial I guess. πŸ™‚ Besides, this is SATURDAY! Day 7 hair! What more can you expect? I was actually thinking of fro’ing it out. But I’m sure I’d break my hair off doing that, plus being tapered I’m not sure I want to do that on the road. LoL! I really need to see front and back. I’m actually worried about what the puff looks like in the back! But I can’t worry about that. If you show weakness and wavering confidence, the wolves will eat you alive! (AKA Hating ass Hoes. LoL!)

Oh! Speaking OF!! How bout a bitch was tryina pick yesterday!!!! Oh YES Honey Chile. Now I didn’t even look back to see who she was, but she sounded like your usual ghetto bitch. (I’m sorry if y’all are offended by that term, but in some cases it’s all that comes to mind!) Anyway. I comes in the building. And real loud she goes “Would you like me if I had my hair like that?” And started laughing. ALONE. maybe the guy laughed, I don’t know. I kept walking, but I was a little shaken. And tempted to reply FOR him “if he likes you with that jacked up shit you got going on NOW, I’m sure he would!” But just hearing the LACK of laughter in response to her comment was enough to keep me going. When you embrace yourself, you’re gonna have haters. People who want you to rejoin the fold. Resist, I tell you! You are too awesome to blend!

Well, I’mma shut it. Time to get this crappy day over with. πŸ™‚


Jen πŸ˜€


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