Off Wash day..

  And I HEAR I may be working NEXT Saturday! Ugh, I hate extra days.. Then again, I guess it helps financially. 🙂 Anyway. Y’all…  Y’ALL… I was so mad with my hair yesterday… That I was just not even feeling up to even dealing with it today!! If I was a wig person… I think I would have just plaited this shit up dirty.. And just wore wigs all next week.. But I was like.. That was day 7 hair.. Which would make TODAY day EIGHT hair. It’s supposed to suck monkeys.  So I went to YouTube to ATTEMPT to get in the mood to do something with this CRAP I have on my head. (I love my hair, I was just mad.) I finally got off my butt and… Then I saw the thin spots and the BLANK spot in the top of my head.. There’s hair in there, but it doesn’t BLEND. I was just.. Like… UGH! But my scalp was so itchy and my hair felt so dirty.. so I washed it.. And as I scrubbed all my itchies and rinsed the lather away, I felt a little better… BUT it was still ROUGH.. And it wasn’t the shampoo. It was just… WRONG. Probably my fault from all that neglect last weekend. Rebel was just dry. And unhappy and just limping through the week..


Then came detangling.. With the conditioner out came more HAIR! It was like I was pulling handfulls out of my head! So many curls.. And I SWORE my hair was shorter than it was before!!


But that was just my imagination.. I WAS losing some hair, but nothing to worry about. I didn’t rinse last week, I spaced on my moisturizing routine.. I was just LAZY last week.. It was like… Screw it! But now it’s clean, detangled, and conditioned.. Which brings me to another interesting thing…


My Aussie LATHERS on soaking wet hair! I thought I may have picked up the shampoo by mistake, but no it says conditioner and it doesn’t lather in my hands.. But for some stupid reason it did in my hair! I rinsed like 7 times and still as soon as it hit my wet hair, it lathered!! Damn, that was my leave in!! Had to leave it OUT today! LoL! But I sealed really well before applying my gel today.. And I took my time shingled it through making sure to not miss a SPOT and to use enough gel. Remember Long Aid is my moisturizer as well as my styler, so I was determined to not to skimp on it this week! A good start is the foundation to multi day hair. If you start crappy, MAN do you end up crappier!!  So I shingled it in, not too much but enough to feel it in my hair. I have white stuff everywhere, but it’s going away as it dries. (Pretty sure it’s the coconut oil mixing with water.) I always have some glob somewhere in my head. LoL! It really is not that cute. But a fact of GEL!


  Right now?? A calm is over Rebel and me.. LoL! It feels like I just bathed and fed my cranky baby and now she’s sleeping or quietly cooing in my arms.. Better yet in her CRIB and I’m sitting in a comfy chair, reading a good book, and sipping a nice glass of wine. 🙂


Jen 😀


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