Thursday 9/8/11- Looks Decent..

Thursday 9/8/11- Looks Decent..

But feels absolutely GROSS! I’m sure either you’ve been there or have heard/read about it. Well, I’m living it! Rebel is nice and curly, she has great separation. Sadly, she is sticky, wet, and there are gel spots in there. Not as bad as yesterday- which looked pretty good in good light by the way. But it’s still pretty bad.

Now I know it could be worse. So I’m not like, “CRAP I need to wash my hair!” But it just FEELS activator-y. Like old school jheri curls use to feel. That wet, GEL feel. And where that looks pretty good, I love touching and fluffing my hair out. And coming down with a wet hand feels nasty. And let’s not forget that I didn’t check the BACK before I left the house. Sooo.. Yeah. Full recipe for DISASTER! LoL! But.. I’mma press on! I brought my headband, AND my bonnet. I’m ready for hair Armageddon! LoL!

This is why I wish I could sometimes find a product that defines my curls, leaves my hair soft and moisturized, and doesn’t cost $16 for 8 oz. 🙂 Yeah. I have a budget. I personally don’t think my NATURAL hair should be so UNNATURALLY hard to take care of! So, I guess that’s why I keep coming back to my Long Aid. As wet as it may be, I believe it’s good for my hair and works. STILL I love trying stuff, BUT I hate spending excess money AND a product that takes 3 HOURS to shingle in! I like to keep it SIMPLE. I know as my hair grows this will be harder and harder to do. Especially with all this CHONKYNESS I got going on up there! Detangling is already getting to be a hassle just 3 months in. I can imagine how it will be in a year. Two years. TEN years!! Of course I know with shedding it’s not like it’ll be down to my KNEES in 10 years, but I’m sure it will be at LEAST double what it is now. And if I’m struggling now, my God. LoL!

Ok, I’m exaggerating again. It takes me about 10 minutes to detangle my whole head. But still.

Dang! Outta time. LoL!


Jen 😀


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