Friday 9/9/11- Our Hair, Our Curls.

Friday 9/9/11- Our Hair, Our Curls.

We tend to nitpick when it comes to curly hair. You’ve got your 3s and your 4s. But when it comes to the 4s.. It’s like they’re not curls anymore. They are “coils” or “kinks”. And as I’ve said already, that makes me feel a way. Though I am not comfortable with “kinks” (Just sounds like something is “wrong” with our hair!), I can live with “coils”. Our hair does coil. But then, so does all curls. So why can’t we just be “curly”?

I’m starting to change my way of thinking. I say I have curly hair with a course (not my favorite word either, but it’s very descriptive.)/soft texture. As far as the André Walker hair typing system (And OHHH, he makes me feel some KINDA way!!) it’s just too confusing. Because the same head has so many “types”. A basic break down for those who don’t know.

Type 1 is straight hair. Like white folks or a good hard relaxer/Brazilian.

Type 2 is wavy hair. Now, it seems they would just put so called 4b/c in this category since those two types are in fact more wavy than curly. But I guess that would be too “appalling” (Yes I’m rolling my eyes.) Type 2 is broken down into letters a-c. A being looser, c being tighter together. That’s the same in all the other types.

Type 3 is curly hair. Hair that loops. Now this is the (apparently) most coveted type of curl. Why would I say this? Well according to the creator of this system it’s the last type that can be worn naturally and beautifully without chemicals. (now you see why I’m not a fan of Mr. Walker. That’s some straight up ign’ance right there.) That is not my opinion. It’s all André. :). ANYWAY! Type 3 goes from 3a -broom stick sized curls- maybe bigger in long hair. to 3c- straw or pencil sized curls. Your 3b’s are some where in the middle. Like magic marker sized curls. I guess I have some of these curls (3c). But I’ve never super defined my curls, so most of the time you just see some curls mixed with an ass load of frizz. I also have…

Type 4 curls are the tightest curls, or waves. This is where most black folks fall. Somewhere between 3c and type 4. Not all, just MOST. 4a is very tight curls. The curls are super defined, and you can definitely see a curl pattern even without product. The curls are the size of a crochet needle or smaller. Like a little bigger than a coffee straw to smaller. 4b has some curls, but not as defined as 4a. 4c’s are more wavy. Each type can have different textures. They don’t go from soft to hard, as many think.

I’ve seen variations on the typing- some taking it all the way to 4F!! And I have to research that because there’s more variety there.

But honestly, I could give a 4F about the system. 🙂 I’m curly. Now it’s not that I have to argue with people to say I have curly hair. Apparently they accept the curls. But I hate that we can’t just have HAIR! Though I love the attention it grabs, but I hate that it’s not just common place. Like a curly hair other race woman can be curly, have good hair days and bad- and no one tells her to get a perm. She may need better PRODUCTS, but not chemicals to make it better. I know I’m not making sense. I spent so much time on that damn hair typing shit.

I guess I’m saying, we need to encourage natural hair in the world, make it look normal as sunshine. But think and behave, without a doubt or hesitation, as our hair is hair just like any other hair, but with the AUDACITY to know, it’s so unique you gotta hold that head up and strut! LoL!

Sorry.. I had to say it. :p

Later. 🙂

Jen 😀


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