Wednesday- 9/7/11- I Finally Got One!!

Wednesday- 9/7/11- I Finally Got One!!

And what did Foxy get, you may ask? My insult of the week. Which I guess would be my insult of the MONTH now. And it was a REAL insult! Not just reaching to be offended!

Ok. We, and by “we” I mean DH and I, for any newbies to my blog. WE were talking about sewing, yes. He’s been at me since we met about getting in to making clothes. I am SO not home ec-y. I don’t even think I spelled “ec” right!! LoL! Though it’s not a bad idea. Anyway, I won’t dwell on that part. He decided to slip one in on me. And it was..

“For example.. Instead of being on the Internet being on sites about FUCKED UP HAIR, you could be looking up ways to make clothes and maybe MAKE some money.” Now.. You know I couldn’t just let that go. I asked him..

“Why it’s gotta be f’ed up hair?” (Don’t wanna F word y’all to death. LoL!)

He said “Like I said, F’ed up hair! That’s cause I said! Ok?!”

Ugh, such an angry man. Not too fond of that part of his personality. And it’s contagious. I’m much angrier than I use to be. Well, no. I WAS a very angry Teen. Then, I vowed to get a grip. And I was doing well, but then. With his constant complaining, and my absolutely TOXIC work place. Plus plain old age grouchiness.. I can be real mean at times. Sometimes I’m just pissed off for NO reason! This crap gotta stop. I mean.. I need to BREATHE! LoL!

Anyway. I was at Sam’s Monday. And I saw this young man with the most AWESOME Afro I’ve seen in some time. He had it all picked out and shaped up.. I mean it was NICE! I was like.. DESPERATELY trying to curb my enthusiasm! LoL! I don’t even know what everyone with him was sportin’! All I saw was that fro! Goes to show, natural trumps a perm and weave ANY day! When you’re natural, you’ve got the spot light boo boo! AND.. DH called him “Michael Jackson, before ‘Thriller’.” Don’t know if it was meant as a comment or an insult, but Michael Jackson was fine with his fro and coco skin! So I wasn’t mad at him. LoL!

Then I get here (work) and I see this young man with a nice chunky 3c Afro pulled back in a puff. I’m like damn! Two in one WEEK! a shame they were both guys. I’d love to see some ladies take the plunge. There are two suspected naturals here, but they are both older. I wish some YOUNG ladies would just let go and let their natural beauty shine through. BUT, I’ll take it where I can get it. So. Here there are 3 longer naturals. By longer I mean hair that isn’t basically shaved off. Me, a young lady with locs on 3rd shift, and the chunky fro guy. There may be more, but they either keep it straight or covered. On an interesting not, I see more curly weaves lately. πŸ™‚

Well, that’s all for now. I wish I could have taken some pics, but I think that’s just rude. LoL! Plus I couldn’t sneak and take it. :p Oh well maybe next time. πŸ™‚

Laters. :p

Jen πŸ˜€

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