Tuesday 9/6/11- Why Rebel? WHY?

Tuesday 9/6/11- Why Rebel? WHY?

Well, apparently the “less is more” approach only works AFTER my hair is saturated with product!! I gave it a REAL test this weekend. (Hope you enjoyed your Labor Day weekend, by the way.) I washed as usual. Conditioned for hours under a plastic cap. But.. I decided to just super seal. (Lotta oil, lotta water.) NOTHING… ELSE…. (Why Lord? Why?) Nothing unusual. My hair was curly in spots, but no real definition. I woke up.. Kept my cap on nearly all day. Then due to my A/C still being f’ed up my head started getting too hot, so I took my cap off, but I was still lounging in bed, so I put my bonnet on. STILL NO PRODUCT!! I took a nap, and my bonnet CAME OFF.. I woke up looking like.. Well, hell, I can’t say Ceely cause her hair WAS in plaits most of the time!! I looked like I was wearing a wool CAP!! an OLD wool cap. Well, I had places to go yesterday, so I had to pull it together. And she was ok at best. Now.. I got back. FELL ASLEEP WITH NOTHING ON.. maybe my bonnet. Got up.. Bonnet gone again. (poor Rebel.) Ok. Bed time. I DIDN’T PUT ANYTHING ON MY HEAD- I mean water, oil, Long Aid, LOVE!! NOTHING! I just slapped that plastic cap on it and my bonnet and went to bed. When I got up.. My hair was… Actually it didn’t really look HORRIBLE. The super sealing did it’s job. My hair was moisturized.. It just looked really… REALLY bad. Not that bad.. Just not… “Right”. Not how I like it to look. I looked throwed away as my mom would say. LoL!

Well today it’s back to work. So I had to try to pull it together. So I did my usual refresh technique. Wet it, smooth it, gel it, smoooth it some more. Shake it out.. Did all that. I looked.. Like a wet poodle! It took MAJOR shaking and arranging to just look DECENT! Right now it doesn’t looK TOO bad, but at first I had white globs of gel everywhere, frizz- well frizz I’m ok with. My hair is just frizzy no matter what. I’d look like a wet greased rat if my hair was totally controlled. So me and frizz are cool. But the gel was- and in some spots is still just clumped in. If I’d had more time at home, I would have ran some water through it and did the whole shake again, and probably would have been great. MAYBE! My hair is so FICKLE! I mean today, it wants nothing, tomorrow it wants EVERYTHING tossed in at once. Luckily it still loves the same products, just in unpredictable quantities. Honestly, she bout done drove me slap crazy! LoL! But I think we’ll manage. πŸ™‚

I know I promised a DEEP post but honestly… I just don’t have my wits about me right now. LoL! BUT it is coming. But for now. There will be more hair ramblings. πŸ™‚


Jen πŸ˜€


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