Wednesday 8/31/11- The Oil Experiment

Wednesday 8/31/11- The Oil Experiment

Last night I decided to try something different. I always baggie, and normally I’ll use Long Aid and water or just water to kick off the moisture. BUT, sometimes my hair feels dry once I take the cap off. I figure it’s the glycerin that’s sucking moisture from my hair because it’s shut off from OUTSIDE moisture. So, I decided to try oil and water. I just wet my hair good and used melted coconut oil to seal. Quite a bit of oil actually. Now y’all know I’m lazy. So y’all know I didn’t melt no oil. My A/C has been freezing up, so I turned it off so it’ll be nice and thawed by the time I got home. WELL, that house was about a HUNDRED degrees when I got there. THAT melted my coconut oil. And I figured since it’s all melty and nice, why not?

Anyway, when I took my cap off, my hair was so… SOFT! There wasn’t much curl definition, but it was UBER soft! If I was just gonna fro it out, it would have been PERFECT! BUT y’all know I love the curls, so I had to wet it. Which made a white HAZE! Then applied gel. Which made a hot ass MESS!! BUT just temporarily. Right now, other than being a little greasy (damn my heavy hands!!) it’s ok now. It’s a LITTLE shrunken for some reason- I mean more so than normal, but it’s ok. Since my hair shrinks up by 75% I’m use to shrinkage. So that’s not a big deal to me. When you’ve had 2+ FEET of hair, you’re pretty much over the whole long hair lust. I mean, I DO want long hair again, but it’s just not as urgent as it would be if I HADN’T just had hair that long. I’m more into getting BIG hair than LONG hair. Like I always say, my hair grows OUT not down. It took my locs about a year before I didn’t have to wet them and coax them down. And that’s with LOCS. with relaxed hair, I had to comb and brush for my life to make it act right. And half the time it STILL was doing something weird! There’s a reason her name is Rebel, people. LoL! So, I’m sure this leg of the journey is gonna be just as.. “interesting”.

I’m still thinking about this whole “winter is coming” deal. Honestly I’ve never really seen a TRUE difference in my hair between the seasons. Then again, I’ve never been a loose natural taking care of my own hair. And I didn’t really pay much attention to my hair before now. With locs I was more focused on LOCKING than anything. With a relaxer, who cares? Long as it’s straight and laying right. When I was little and natural, all this HAYSTACK was my mom’s problem! LoL! Now I have to take care of it and I. Am. Freaking… OUT!!

Well not really. But I am thinking hard about what will change when the weather does. What’s more, I don’t have a FORTUNE to spend on hair products. So if what I have doesn’t work year round… I may be in a bit of a pickle.

But I’ll have to cross that bridge when I get to it.


Jen 😀


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