Tuesday 8/30/11- The New Holy Grail Product

Tuesday 8/30/11- The New Holy Grail Product

WATER! LoL! It’s my fix all “product”. I had to rinse SUPER early this week. It’s just Tuesday and I had to rinse ALREADY! So that’s like day 3. Normally I have to rinse by Thursday. But then I’m SUPER sticky and clumpy by Wednesday. SO, I have to rinse or co-wash every 3 days. This is NOT gonna work come winter. Not because of the cold, but simply because it’s drier in the winter. And I don’t wanna dry my hair out. I WANT to try protective styling, but I’m a little too lazy for all that twisting. AND I don’t want other folks in my head. (Nothing personal! I just need to get use to my own hair now… And I’d rather take care of my hair that I LOVE, and to a stylist it’s just another dollar.) I feel FRAUDULENT in wigs. (Never wore one, and doubt I ever will. They work for some, just not for me. I’m sure you look HOT in yours. πŸ™‚ ) Weaves are OK, but I don’t want people to get use to the weave, then when you take it out they like “Boo, what happened?” LoL! Plus I’d just end of scratching it out or washing it out anyway. Money WASTED! Plus, I love being different in a room full of people. As I said I’m the only loose natural woman at my work place. And it’s 99% black!

So I’m probably STILL gonna be doing mostly wash n gos. I might try twists at some point. But it loses it’s urgency when your hair is already curly. All you need is 20 minutes to wash, apply product, finger style and GO! Damn twists take an hour plus to do. And if you don’t plan to actually wear the twists.. It’s just something I’d have to do when I just feel like doing something. SO, I need some creamy products to keep my poor loose hair moisturized when it gets cold. I’ll probably still use my gel. And that damn flaxseed gel is probably just not gonna work for me. I have one more idea for it. And if that doesn’t work.. Well, I guess I’ll give up.

Honestly, I’m not sure what a hold gel would do for my hair anyway. My “curl pattern” isn’t hard to define. And I don’t think I get the point of a multi day wash n go. I already get that. If that’s going days just “refreshing” the WnG. Maybe what I HAVE. Is just what I NEED.

At least till they stop working. πŸ™‚


Jen :p


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