Thursday 9/1/11- Less? More? What?

Thursday 9/1/11- Less? More? What?

Rebel is so damn picky sometimes! Sometimes she wants to be SLATHERED with product, others she just wants a little dab. And I usually end up doing the wrong thing! BUT today is not one of those days. πŸ™‚

My plan was to do a nice little puff. I put my cap on last night, but I didn’t add anything. Not even water. I was sure my hair would be a dry ass mess, but it felt pretty moisturized, so I was like, I’mma do a puff today. Maybe just add a little Long Aid with water for extra moisture and texture.

When that water hit it, SO soft. I DEFINITELY will be super sealing again. That’s now a Holy Grail technique for me. It was dicy for a second, but now it was the best thing ever! LoL! To recap, all I did was wet my hair down with my hands. I mean REALLY wet it to the point it of.. Well.. WETNESS! Then just slathered it with melted coconut oil. Then covered it with my plastic cap and went to sleep. The next day I just did my regular routine. My hair STILL feels moisturized. Now, if you decide to try “super sealing” if you wet your hair daily or use water based products- especially clear gels- your hair will be white for a little while, but when it dries it goes away. So there’s no need to worry about that- though I DO! every time! LoL! You know how we are with white haze! Always a no go! But it always vanishes once it dries a little. So..
Anyway, I’m so off topic! ANYWAY!! When the water hit it it got all soft and when I put my gel in, the curls just popped. I shook it out, and it just separated and looked so AWESOME! I was like “Now, when I WANT to wear a puff, you wanna be all pretty and curly! You ASS!!” LoL! Yes I talk to my hair. LoL! So, of course you don’t waste a good hair day in a puff. Well, not a CURLY good hair day. It was already a good hair day, but it was one of those “healthy, moisturized, cottony soft” good hair days. Drool worthy Afro days. πŸ™‚ Like that. But, it got to where it was so curly and full and cute and I just put my headband back on the door knob.

And what happened to the “DH’s Insult of the Week”? I can’t get one anymore. Though, I can get a “Mo’ CONDITIONER?!!” out him. For some reason he thinks every bottle I buy is CONDITIONER!! He thought the shampoo was conditioner. I’m like, please. I HAVE my HG conditioner! (Aussie Moist. Hellur! Sorry.. Madea moment.) Other than that. And the occasional “What? You think that shit gonna make yo’ hair any DIFFERENT?!” You know what? One day I’mma say “YEAH!” and see where that takes the conversation. πŸ™‚ Should make for good blogging. πŸ˜€

Well, Kitties, that’s all for today. Time for slavery- I mean work. :p


Jen :p


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