Monday 8/29/11- It’s Official.

Monday 8/29/11- It’s Official.

Monday is National Bad Hair Day. At least for me and Rebel. LoL! I believe it’s because I’m always either late or have somewhere to go on Monday, SO I leave the house with out properly doing my hair. I’ll (hopefully) pull a style out this hair. If not, I have a headband. If THAT fails, I have a bonnet. 🙂

I’ve been using less product and hoping that will help me not have to rinse mid week. Oh, and I had to rinse that flax shit out. Shame too. I really want this product to work. With drier weather coming, I’d like a curl enhancer with less glycerin. But I may just have to find a creamy moisturizer to use with Long Aid. Always back to Long Aid. I guess that’s why we call our staples “holy grails” :p

I really don’t have much to post. Well, I do have a topic, but I don’t have time to really get into it today. So this was just a short post to be active, and to alert everyone in eye sight of this post.. That Monday is National Bad Hair Day… For me and Rebel.. That is all. :p

Jen :p


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