Friday 9/2/11- Why You Don’t Do That…

Friday 9/2/11- Why You Don’t Do That…

When people will actually SEE my hair!!! The past two days, after my oil experiment, and realizing I have to REALLY wet my hair for it to act right, Rebel had been getting pretty big. BUT I’m gonna have my hair covered all day for work.. Now watch how she do when I ACTUALLY go some where. She’s likely to be clumpy and tiny and DRY! I have no idea WHY! Then again most of the time DH has the same problem with me. “Why you do that? OF ALL THE THINGS YOU CAN DO, you pick THAT!” A combination of psychosis and neuroses! LoL! Why should my hair be any different?

Anyway, this is day 3 since I had to rinse, so the whole super sealing technique, paired with REEEEALLY wetting my hair daily is giving me multiple good hair days. AND I’m pretty sure this will keep my hair moisturized in the winter, AND I can keep using my regular gel because since my hair is well sealed I don’t have to worry (in theory) about the glycerin sucking moisture from my hair. (IN THEORY!!) Besides, how dry is the South really gonna get? We’re pretty much above 50% humidity year round. This is ALABAMA! LoL! Seriously it’s hardly below maybe.. 30%. Even in the HARSHEST southern winter, we still have plenty of humidity in the air.

(DISCLAIMER!! I am not a meteorologist! Don’t be quoting me and shit cause you run the risk of sounding dumb as fuck. Theses are just UNEDUCATED theories, that I have to still test. This is the first year of loose, natural, SELF MAINTAINED hair. I have no idea what I’m talking about YET. Now come Spring, I’ll know what I’m talking about, because hopefully I’ll have survived the winter with at least 3 strands of hair. OK? Not an expert.. Not a hair stylist, not a meteorologist. Just a natural chick feeling her way around. And documenting the journey..)

I’m still working on that topic I mentioned awhile back. It’s one of those topics that you need to have a minute to type up. It involves biracial and multi ethnic hair and misconceptions and stereotypes. And what it’s like coming up in a world with those misconceptions in place. I’ll probably do it tomorrow while I’m conditioning. 🙂 It IS my favorite day- WASH DAY!! BUT, I CAN see that that may very soon not be the case. With length and thickness comes TANGLES! LoL!

Ciao. (I’mma stop saying that, cause it’s getting old to me. Gettin’ on my own damn nerves! SMH!)

Jen 😀


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