Wednesday 8/24/11- Let The Love Flow.

Wednesday 8/24/11- Let The Love Flow.

I was JUST talking about the complements you’ll get with natural hair and I got another one as soon as I hit the clock. 🙂

A lady noticed my hair and was saying she’d just noticed I’d cut my hair. I told her I cut it about 3 months ago. And she was like “That is so pretty. Keep it like that. YOU LOOK LIKE A MODEL.” Ok.. Now I KNOW natural hair is a miracle worker. Let me tell you a little about me.. First, I’m 33 years old. Next I’m 5’6 1/2″ tall.. And a SOLID 210 lbs. Now.. You tell me how that stacks up to looking like a model? LoL! But I ‘preciate the love. 😀

Honestly, most women look hotter with natural hair. The rest look pretty much like they do without it. NO ONE looks worse. Now if you don’t take care of it, you may look worse. But if you don’t take care of a perm or a WIG it’s gonna look crappy too. And as a new natural if you don’t do your research.. You MIGHT look busted for a few minutes. But even with NO help, eventually you’ll learn to take care of it, and you’ll look awesome. There is no NEED to get perms/relaxers. Now if you just WANT one, that’s your business. I won’t judge you. (I’ll TRY not to! LoL!) But don’t go ’round telling folks you/they NEED a perm. Cause.. No.

I’m trying to NOT rinse my hair out tomorrow. Since all my products- hell my PRODUCT is completely water soluble, when I rinse my hair out it’s pretty much CLEAN! So my hair is dry and kinda crunchy afterwards. So, I’m TRYING to not rinse. We’ll see how that works out after today. Maybe I can rinse at night and baggy. Like I said I’m new to being loose an natural. I don’t know what’s what yet! LoL! Hopefully I’ll get it sooner or later. 😀


Jen 😀


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