Thursday 8/25/11- Rinsing.

Thursday 8/25/11- Rinsing.

I decided I was just too sticky to finish the week. That’s the only problem with gels, they get sticky and clumpy after a few days of regular use. That’s why I wish I could find a product that gives me the results without the stickiness or flakes. I hear Eco is good, but it’s still a styling gel and I fear it will give me “gel” hair. Hair that may not be “HARD”, but hard. Where it feels less touchable than my hair feels with my Long Aid- which feels like water, glycerin, aloe vera gel in the hair for those who aren’t familiar with old school curl activators. They usually have pretty good ingredients, and are very water soluble. You can literally rinse your hair clean.

Anyway, I semi co-washed last night, applied my Long Aid, then covered with a plastic cap. When I got up, my hair was WET obviously. I showered and shook it out, applied a LITTLE more gel and just finger styled. Now.. My hair… Is flat as SHIT in the front!! I mean it’s ok in general. The curls are poppin’. It’s just.. Flat. It’s not flat, it’s “small”. Y’all know I love my big hair. And this tiny crap is kinda disappointing. But in GENERAL, it’s ok. I mean, at least it doesn’t feel dirty now. Though I did it like 5 minutes, so I probably have gel “globs” in it. (I know, I’m TRAGIC!) But they’ll likely dry away in an hour or so. I mean it’s cool. I will just be glad when my hair gets bigger. So then when it’s “small” it will still be awesome and show stopping 🙂

I mean it’s fluffing up as it dries. So maybe it’ll come up. I guess I better go ahead and see if I can fluff this stuff up before I go in.


Jen 😀


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