Friday 8/26/11- I Did it in a Captain D’s Bathroom!!

Friday 8/26/11- I Did it in a Captain D’s Bathroom!!

My HAIR! Really! Get ya mind outta the gutta! :p I was ALL around town looking BUSTED.. AS.. HELL!! Before I left the house.. I kid you not.. I just took my plastic cap off.. Wet my hair…. Put gel in.. I’m not even sure if I SHOOK it out or not… And LEFT!! I paid my water bill and I bet they were like what…the.. HELL! LoL! I mean it was UGLY up in my head, Honeys! Rebel was tore UP! Like I said y’all, I am just… TRAGIC!! Tragically UNfeminine!! Well, just so not into beauty! No… I’m just no where near as shame of my “bustivity” as I should be. :p

Anyway, I went to Captain D’s STILL semi busted. I had picked at it, but Rebel Still wasn’t 100%. Maybe she was still half sleep? LoL! Anyway. I went in the bathroom, wet her ass down real good.. And smoothed, then shook. And she came right back like magic. Separation and everything. So I went in look scary, came out looking lovely. 🙂 Not how things come out when a story starts out “I did it in a Captain D’s bathroom!” LoL!

I’m trying to get more into beauty. At least to the level the law requires. I’m not into make up. I bought some mascara and I WAS using it, but I usually forget about it. I DO wear lip gloss though. But that’s about it. So that’s a start I guess. I use to be more into it. I wore full make up, red lipstick, take the time to make sure my hair laid just right, made sure my clothes were even and matched just right. Now it seems I just (pardon my French) don’t give a fuck. Right now, as I type this, I am wearing a lovely purple top… With 3 holes in the bottom.. I’ll wear a shirt with a hole under the ARM.. I’ll wear a pair of pants with a damn hole in ’em. I am honestly TRAGIC! My nails are ALWAYS raggedy. I cut my toe nails when they start scratching DH too much- I can probably catch SALMON with these damn talons I have!! And will have the NERVE to wear OPEN TOE SHOES!! Honeys, I need help. An intervention! I have.. A problem! LoL! I’ll try to do better. Until I forget. 🙂


Jen 😀


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