Flaxseed Gel.. Ugh…

OK.. Now.. I just shampooed.. shampoo’d? Hmm.. Weird word.. LoL! Anyway. Hair’s all clean.. Deep Conditioned… I sealed and applied Long Aid for moisture… Then I put on my Flaxseed Gel…… Well.. I love the smell this time. I used coconut scent in it.. Lovely.. smells like I’ve been baking in the kitchen.. 😀 My curls are popping in most spots… It looks pretty nice.. for the most part…

 Now the fails… It’s HARD.. It feels dry.. First.. This stuff is goopy.. It’s like loogie!! It actually looks like COLD SPIT in your hands.. And it doesn’t absorb, it just sits there goopy and snotty… and you put it in…. And it’s like globs of snot in your curls and.. Ugh.. I even rinsed it with cold water, which UNdefined some of my curls and made frizz alive!! And it made it distribute a little better… But still there were all these little white bits of gooy, globby flaxseed gel THINGS in my hair. And it just… Is not…. Good.. Hate it so much.. Unless this stuff  really pulls a rabbit out of it’s ASS by tomorrow.. I’ll have to wash this SHIT out of my hair.. I mean.. This makes me figure i won’t dig Kinky Curly Curling Custard either, because it has a funky texture like this too, or so I hear. And I won’t like Eco Styler because it has hold and it’s gonna make my hair hard like this crap is doing, plus shingling takes SO long and I never get my sections right and… Ugh.. Just… NO! End the MADNESS!!


 As it looks, I’ll be just using Long Aid for the rest of my friggin’ life!! No need to try anything else, as anything else will likely SUCK! That is the direction this is heading in. The only thing Rebel likes is a good moisturizing shampoo, Aussie moist conditioner, BARELY likes coconut oil… And friggin’ Long Aid!! I can’t ever TRY anything because my hair REJECTS everything… This is when being natural sucks.. BUT on the bright side.. My HG products work really….. REALLY well… So I’m not like STUCK!! I’m just gonna be really friggin bored.. LoL! But yeah.. So far Flaxseed gel… Is a no… I won’t be making it again.. I’m totally done.. Well, maybe ONE more time… I’m just hard headed.. Maybe I used too many flaxseeds… Not enough water.. Maybe, if I make it THINNER.. I’ll like it.. Make it like Curls in a Bottle or Goddess Curl.. Kind of a runny curl enhancer.. Maybe I’ll try that next week. I really want to have OPTIONS!! There has to be SOMETHING out there that isn’t STICKY that works!! But until I find it.. Long Aid is my rock.. It is my all.. My everything.. :p


Well, it’s time to  check on this hot mess in my head… Ugh…




Jen 😮


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