Tuesday 8/23/11- Weird Complements.

Tuesday 8/23/11- Weird Complements.

When it comes to weird complements or comments, friends and family are the masters! Co-workers too. Anyone close to you for any reason. So far I’ve heard “You got that ‘good’ hair. You can go natural. Some folks shit be all nappy it won’t never grow!” Yeah, word for word. The exact “complement”. One friend said “If I had your hair nobody couldn’t tell me SHIT” Seriously? Yes they could. Without gel my hair looks like a hay stack. Poof city. Until you find what really works, “my hair” is difficult as HELL. “You need a hair cut.” Followed by after touching “Your hair so thick! Why don’t you wanna cut it?” Why lil mama was so insistent I cut my hair? I don’t know. I’m going for a BAA. Can’t get that if I keep cutting it. (BAA= Big Ass Afro). So no, I’m not cutting it.

What else. Oh, “That’s your hair? I thought this was a sew in! It feels like weave.” Whatever that means. What does weave feel like? LoL!

Most recently, my good friend was feeling my hair. (These people are HAIR FREAKERS folks!! LoL) And she was like “If you didn’t have such a good grade of hair I’d be like you need to do something with that shit.” I was like “WHAT?” She was like “I said if you DIDN’T have such a good grade of hair. But you DO.” I’m like girl go somewhere. LoL!

Now by the fact you keep hearing, er READING “grade” of hair, you gotta know I’m living in the South. Now there are messed up ideas and views of hair all over the country. But it’s worse down here. However, things have gotten better. I imagine back maybe 20 years ago, everyone would have been laughing at me telling me how nappy my hair was and how bad I need a perm. So we are getting more tolerant of natural hair. But the fact even young black people are talking about “good hair” and good “grade” of hair tells how far we have to go. I look forward to the day our hair gets no more strange looks than any other hair. Where our hair- ALL curls are view not as a problem that need to be straightened out. We’re moving in that direction, but as I said we have a long way to go. But it’s good in a way.

Did I say this struggle is a GOOD thing? Yes I did. And now you’re like “Ok… She’s lost it.” No.. Well maybe. But keep reading anyway.

Right now.. I am unique at my job, in y family (probably), perhaps in my TOWN!! There were maybe 4 locked Sistas at my job including myself. Well, now I’m loose.. There isn’t another natural Sista out here. Well, in my town, there may be 1 more. Not sure, but I think I saw another lady, an older lady with natural hair. Still, we are a rare breed. When you’re natural, at any given time, you are the only one and you are the center of attention! Curly hair commands attention! 🙂

Then again it’s stressful at times. You’re kinda the ambassador for natural hair. Like it or not, people look at your hair and your journey to see “how it goes”. Some thinking of going natural, some that just wanna say “See! We HAVE to get a perm!” So yeah, that kinds sucks/rules. So you always feel your hair has to be on point ALL the time. I say, you’re entitled to a bad hair day. It’s how you handle it that matters. To me, my bad hair day is no bigger deal than Becky’s bad hair day. Just a personal issue to deal with and look to a better hair day. 🙂


Jen 😀


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