Monday 8/22/11- Apparently…

Monday 8/22/11- Apparently…

Monday is “Bad Hair Day”. It’s not REAL bad, but Rebel is definitely NOT on point today! I think she hates Mondays just like I do. LoL! Not that it’s odd. I always have a pretty bad Hair day after wash day. Not always, but often- and that has spanned processes. Relaxed, jheri curl, locs, and now- co-wash or shampoo. It just takes a day or so for it to get right. Actually about 3 days. So, I washed Saturday, so my “good” day will be tomorrow. Then it’ll be STICKY Wednesday. Maybe I can offset that by not applying product Tuesday night. I wanna wash/rinse less. Mainly, because I don’t have time to “re-saturate” my hair with product through the week. See this is one of those times where I wish I DID have a looser curl pattern. Just seems it takes less to look good. I know, I know!! Shut up! I know we ALL have hair issues and loose curlies have problems just like straight haired gals, wavys, and tight curlies do. Still.. That’s always the way. You figure if it was….. It would be easier. I’ve actually heard loose curlies wish for tighter curls because ours is easier to define and hold whereas theirs gets fluffy and frizzy quickly. And we won’t even start on straight hair and all it’s issues. So I guess we all have something we fight with. But right now.. I feel like I have a bird’s nest going on. I’m thinking about my bonnet REAL hard! LoL! If only that bonnet wasn’t so annoying to wear! I need a bigger one. It was ok with locs, but I hate my loose hair being smushed. Plus, I’m just tired of covering it up. LoL! BUT.. If it gets too bad, I WILL cover it up like ain’t NOTHING! :p

Yes, people!! It’s not ok to hide your hair for shame of texture or “grade”. But for a bad hair day? We can let that one slide. LoL!

I “tried” to spice up my style Sunday and put some braids in my hair.. EPIC.. FAIL!! it was cute as cute were. But I can’t decrease the hair around my face, because I have too much FACE! I plan to experiment, but. I think I’ll wait till my hair is much… MUCH longer! For now, Rebel is best left loose. Maybe a Bobbie pin here and there. That’s it. She’s real simple. Like me. (again.. Shut up.. :p )

Well, I guess that’s it Kittens.


Jen 😀


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