Thursday 8/18/11- The Man..

Thursday 8/18/11- The Man..

No not “The MAN”… Not THAT man anyway. I mean YOUR man! MY man. And natural hair. Lots of women won’t go natural because they are afraid their guy won’t like it or won’t support their decision to go natural. That he’ll hate their hair or leave them, or blow UP, or whatever normal women worry about men doing at the first sign of new growth. Me, I’m the idiot that just don’t care what the man has to say. Hell, this is MY head. I gotta walk around with it- good or bad! So why are you so damn worried about it? I mean, I’ll work with him. He hated the “boy” cut, so I started “fixing” it. Which is still just a wash n go. I just started parting it in the front. It really changed the look of it. That paired with the fact that I started wearing it out at work, and didn’t get the ridicule he was hoping for, but lots of compliments and encouragement. So, I guess that changed his mind a little. He’s still not my #1 hair fan. That honor has to go to my friend KiKi at work. LoL! He LOVES it! Or at least he says he does. 🙂 BUT, at least DH doesn’t HATE it anymore.

So, I understand there is a fear factor to going natural- or going BACK natural, you weren’t born with a perm! I know other people feed this fear. That if you grow your regular hair out, no man will want you. Honestly, if men are that simple, that’s sad. But I’m here to tell ya, what he DON’T like.. Another man will LOVE! Goddess, when that wild free hair is unleashed, you are instantly the star of the show! There can be 100 perms, weaves, COLOURS!! And that natural head is gonna shine like the brighter of stars in the sky. Lady, you got the spot light.

I mean there is always gonna be some dumb ass that’s gonna try to pick at you or whatever. But know this.. You’re the queen, Babe. 🙂 And, most of the time when your guy sees you’re getting so much positive attention from everyone BUT him, he’ll usually change his tune. Unless he’s a REAL ass and will try to break you down, but then… Why are you trying to please or keep him again?

Long story short, cause my time’s running out. Don’t let others tell you what’s best for you. YOU know what you need to do. If your mind is leaning towards going natural, at least give it a try. Do your research. And go for it! Perms will always be there if your not ready right then. You’ve risked nothing. BUT if you get that real stuff growing, and you fall in LOVE like I believe you will.. WINNING!!


Jen 😀


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