Friday 8/19/11- Freedom Fighter!

Friday 8/19/11- Freedom Fighter!

I’ve heard that people see naturals as artsy, poetic, Afrocentric, militant- everything!! Like we are a cut above the rest. ENLIGHTENED even! Well, some naturals get upset about this. And if that’s not where your mind is, I can see that pissin’ you off. Me? I don’t mind. I imagine if the person saying it was trying to be damn FUNNY, I’d be pissed. But I am a freedom fighter! I’m not militant, but I don’t take too much crap. I’m all for equality. And I am very verbal about it. But I’ve always been like this. Natural hair or not.

Which makes me ask, did natural hair change you in any way? Me? Well, I was already a freedom fighter, rainbow chasin’, hippie, give peace a chance- but if that fails I’ll beat me an ass!- kinda gal. Maybe that’s why once I made up my mind to go natural no one could deter me from that path. That was 6 years ago. The only thing that changed was my you must be locked mentality. Now that was me (unknowingly!) being an asshole. I mean, look what my beloved locs have become in this society! All you see is a bunch of thugs and dumb asses locked. No, not ALL, but there are a good amount. Locs were sacred to ME. For me it was a very spiritual thing. And they ran their course. Served there purpose. And it was time to move on and REALLY embrace my natural hair. If I hadn’t gone through the locking process, I wouldn’t have as much patience with my hair as I do now. Holding my locs as sacred actually taught me that it is not JUST hair, but it is HAIR. It’s not sone Earth destroying- or SAVING thing! And I was an asshole because I would knock people for cutting THEIRS! I said some things and some stuff.. And for that I am sorry. 🙂

But that aside, look at me now. My hair sometimes doesn’t look “great”. Well, I made a headband and I keep a bonnet. I can pull it back, cover it up and keep going. My hair is thin in the top. Could simply be the weight of my locs made a “permanent” part there. It may grow back in. BUT my mom has thinning in the top too- HOWEVER!! She’s over 60. I’m just 33. But you know what? Let it BE thin! It’s not gone, and I have plenty enough hair. Do I wanna be bald? Of course not. But I can’t do anything about it right now, so. Deal. On a good note, Rebel looks SPECTACULAR today! LoL!

I know, I’m a helluva rambler!! LoL!


Jen 😀


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