Monday 8/15/11- Blue Long Aid.. And Weave??

Monday 8/15/11- Blue Long Aid.. And Weave??

No, I don’t have a weave. Not really a weave person. I mean maybe some braids or something. I’ve had those maybe 5 times in my life, but weaves, sew ins, wigs.. Really not me. I mean, there’s nothing WRONG with them, but just not my thing.

ANYWAY!!!! One of my coworkers was up in my head, (I know, I know. They lil hair freakers. LoL!) and she was saying her hairdresser was telling her she should go natural. I told her she should. It’d look good on her! Anyway, she was feeling my hair and I guess she realized under there was my scalp.. And she was like, “That’s your actual real hair?! Girl I though that was a weave!!” I actually LoL’ed! The shock in her voice was priceless. Now, my hair isn’t LONG, there’s really nothing special about the texture- except it’s my own- but it is THICK in the back and.. FULL!! I mean, I have must be the worlds biggest hair line. I’m happy to have lots of hair, don’t get me wrong. But I’m thinking That’s why one would think it’s weave. And she said it “felt” like weave. Whatever that means. I thought I’d have to have longer hair for it to be confused with weave. LoL!

Ok. Onward. I finally bought the Long Aid in the blue label. I was gonna just get 1 jar. I mean, it’s a 32oz jar!! (Under $6 at Walmart!) But DH said since you like it so much get two. So now here I am with 62oz of this “regular” Long Aid. Fear set in. What if it sucks? I recall liking only the green label with my jheri curl. But the green has LOTS of protein. And I’m pretty sure I’m protein sensitive. So the blue doesn’t. Well I was a little dry last night, so I dampened my hair a bit and worked some of the blue in. Best time to try it is at night. Then if I’m a hot mess I can use my green I have left. Well… Now it may be a fluke. But my curly curls popped like FIRECRACKERS!! And HUNG! (My curly curls are in the very front and the very back) My mouth was left OPEN! LoL! But I still had all night to see what happened in the MORNING!

When I got up, first thing. The blue smells more “jheri curlish” to me. Might just be me. LoL! But I can live with that. Then I took my baggie off. I noticed hair was a bit softer than normal. And had hang in the front. This made me pretty happy- though I’m not going for the jheri curl look. I like Rebel to be full and a little spiky. Not flat and “hang-y” I’ve always loved big hair. Flat hair looks SAD! But. I love this gel. The only difference is the lack of protein. And I need no extra protein.

When your hair is processed, you need extra protein. Some need it natural too, but my hair wasn’t that porous RELAXED. So now it’s even healthier! So.. I won’t be needing all that extra protein any time soon. LoL!

I also bought a new shampoo, since Rebel actually likes to be soaped up. I bought the Dove daily moisture brand at Sam’s. It was I think a 42oz bottle for maybe $6 & something. It does have a sulfate but also coco-Betine. (short name… Not sure I even spelled the Betine part right! LoL!) And it’s right after the sulfate. Higher up than most other sulfate shampoos that have it. I wanted to revisit Pantene. But I just couldn’t do it. I can’t give them my money. I’m aware Aussie is made by Procter & Gamble too, but. I just have an issue with the Pantene brand. So sorry. Maybe in a few years. But not now. Anyway. I haven’t used the Dove Yet, but I’ll let y’all know how it goes as soon as I do. All I need is something less stripping than White Rain! LoL! My Aussie will BUST out any dryness, so…

Well that’s all for the day. Oh. DH didn’t insult me. I think since Rebel is growing out and looks awesome, his mouth is shut. BUT his new thing is saying I’m buying too much stuff. He got mad about SHAMPOO!! said I was buying too much stuff. I bought yesterday my Long Aid and a bottle of shampoo. I was gonna buy more Aussie, but left it because I didn’t feel like hearing that shit. I’ll get it later. So I guess there will always be an issue with him. He’s just GROUCHY!! LoL!

Ok. Now I’m done. 🙂


Jen 😀

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